Post Digital Vase n.15

by Coudre Studio Spain

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Dimension LxWxH (cm): 29x23x23
Unique Pieces Material : Stoneware
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Coudre Studio merges digital knowledge with traditional processes. At the moment, they are 3D printing ceramics. The studio uses new machines, but there’s skill involved in controlling them, just like in using a pottery wheel instead of only your hands. This is why they are post-digital artisans, and each piece produced is unique.

The studio is not trying to replicate or optimize the ancestral. They want to make entirely different things, something that would be difficult to achieve by traditional means.

In regular 3D printing methods, the machine’s path is automatically generated to approximate a given 3D shape, but what Coudre Studio does instead is to carefully work on the printer’s path, sometimes even coordinate by coordinate. These pieces are the result of this process. By using custom software and machines, they can use the weight of the clay in their favour, its volume and fall emerging organically from the printer’s gestures rather than from simulated 3D surfaces.

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Dimensions 35 × 28 × 28 cm
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About the designer

Coudre is a post-digital studio based in Barcelona  that emerges from the intersection of interests between Raul Nieves (digital creator), Jude Serena (craftsman) and Valeria Ustárez (product designer). In their work they merge digital knowledge with traditional processes. \"Coudre\", the French word for weaving, serves as a metaphor of these encounters and, at the same time, evokes the process of shaping the textures that the movements of a 3D printer produces. As opposed to 3D printing methods in which the machine\'s path is automatically generated to approximate a shape, Coudre carefully works on the printer\'s path, sometimes in a coordinate-by-coordinate manner. This non-simulated approach to the sinuous path of the machine, as well as the environmental conditions of the workshop, the clay, the glazes and the experimental post-production processes, open up to the uncertain expression of materials in a post-digital equilibrium. The dialogue between the numerical and the material generates shapes and textures of a unique character, which does not seek to replicate the ancestral, much less optimize it. Their pieces are a study of \"morphogenesis\", a term that designates the developing process of a shape; which, instead of being designed, emerges from the processes.

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