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Explore the unique world of Mexican design where age-old tradition and modern innovation converge. Contemporary styles mix rustic elements with mid-century flair, using materials like natural fibers, wood, and stone. In this realm, textures and bold shapes tell stories, infusing spaces with a perfect balance of the familiar and the spectacular. Embrace the rich artisanal heritage of Mexico and lively spirit of the design landscape, where each piece weaves a timeless narrative. This is a place where every creation contributes to a collective saga, marrying contemporary design with ancient traditions. Celebrate this dynamic blend of creativity and cultural legacy.

For deeper immersion and further exploration, delve into the vibrant world of Mexican design at ZONA MACO DISEÑO 2024 in Mexico City, running from February 7th to 11th.

Brera Studio, Designs from Mexico City

Brera Studio innovates in architecture, interiors, and product design. Specializing in contemporary crafts and slow design, they create enjoyable spaces with a focus on texture and rugs, offering a unique blend for curious minds.

LØRDAG & SØNDAG, Designs from Mexico City

LØRDAG & SØNDAG honors Mexico’s artisanal heritage by working with skilled craftsmen from Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Hidalgo. Their creations focus on biomaterials like stone and wicker, highlighting Mexico’s rich crafting traditions through unique, sculptural pieces.

Joyful Objects, Yes!, Designs from Mexico City

Joyful Objects, Yes!, specializes in the exploration of fun and unique limited-edition objects. With a whimsical approach, the studio promotes a design philosophy that fosters a high degree of creative freedom and experimentation. Which, results in maximalist creations with a distinct boho-chic vibe.

Studio Ayres, Design from Mexico City

Studio Ayres creates practical objects and tableware with a unique style, inspired by history and nature. Their designs are special and story-rich, adding a personal touch to any space. They specialize in making tableware from marble and resin. Ultimately, combining a gentle take on brutalist design with simplicity and a natural, personal feel.

Isabel Moncada, Designs from Guadalajara

Isabel Moncada designs lighting fixtures that merge mid-century modern style with traditional craftsmanship. Using unique materials like bronze and blown glass, she achieves a high standard of performance and quality in her products. Her approach uniquely combines art, engineering, mechanics, and 3D modeling.

Comité de Proyectos, Designs from Mexico City

Comité de Proyectos, known for interior design and furniture sales, creates durable, timeless pieces with a contemporary flair. Their work balances both emotion and functionality. It includes sculptural objects and a wide range of residential and commercial furniture. Their designs feature Bauhaus elements, unique textures, and Boho Chic style.

Peca Mobiliario, Designs from Guadalajara

Peca Mobiliario brings nature inside, by working with natural materials such as wood and glass. The studio transforms these elements into everyday objects, exploring unique forms and textures. Their minimalist approach reflects a passion for texture and contrast, fusing organic subtlety with an inventive twist.

Panorammma Atelier, Designs from Mexico City

Panorammma Atelier offers a conceptual and radical design experience, transcending conventional boundaries. Their unique vision explores the evolving nature of everyday life. Crafted with a focus on stone and metalwork, Panorammma designs invite active engagement, prompting users to interact intimately and create imaginative scenarios within their spaces.

Daniel Couttolenc, Designs from San Pedro Cholula

Daniel Couttolenc designs create spaces where material meets conceptual. His soft minimalist woodwork focuses on simple yet profound designs where beauty and deeper spiritual resonance come together.

Taller Maya, Designs from Mexico City

Taller Maya is dedicated to preserving and evolving indigenous Mayan culture. Working with local artisans, the studio blends traditional craftsmanship with modern styles like coastal and Boho Chic. Committed to fair trade, Taller Maya not only crafts unique pieces but also supports economic development in rural Mayan communities.

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Discover the beauty of Mexican design, where tradition meets modernity. From rustic charm to contemporary styles, each piece reflects craftsmanship and innovation. Explore Mexican designers’ creations, blending artistry and functionality in a harmonious mix of materials and textures.

For deeper immersion and further exploration, delve into the vibrant world of Mexican design at ZONA MACO DISEÑO 2024 in Mexico City, running from February 7th to 11th.

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