San Francisco Lounge Chair

by Comité de Proyectos Mexico

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The San Francisco Lounge Chair, a creation by Comité de Proyectos, is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Adirondack Chair, an iconic American design often found on porches and patios. This innovative piece was custom-designed for a client’s residence in Healdsburg, California, and serves as a testament to the studio’s creative prowess.

In their design process, Comité de Proyectos began with an abstract concept of the original chair, distilling its essence down to basic geometric forms: rectangular prisms and cylinders. These elements are reimagined through intricate intersections, showcasing the studio’s flair for contemporary design. The wood used in the chair is Huanacaxtle, a species native to the Mexican southeast, chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

A unique feature of this chair is the incorporation of leather in the seating area, a specific request from the client. The leather seat appears to float, attached by straps and buckles that elegantly embrace the cylinder at the front of the chair. Leather is also used on the cylinder at the back, providing comfortable support for the head.

Significantly, the chair’s innovative design and structural solutions were developed in collaboration with the studio’s master carpenters and upholsterers, a team predominantly comprising skilled women. Key features such as the assembly of the leg with the cylinder and the integration of the leather straps were ideas contributed by these artisans during workshop visits. This collaborative process highlights the importance of skilled craftsmanship in bringing unique design concepts to life.

San Francisco chair made of huanacaxtle wood with leather seat and black electro-painted metal details.
This piece can be manufactured in different woods: mexican oak, encino oak or walnut

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We are Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto. We have worked designing together since 2010, and in 2014 we founded Comité de Proyectos, a company dedicated to interior design and furniture sales, located in Mexico City. What we enjoy most about our work is translating emotions and sensations into utilitarian objects and living spaces; that is, internalization. We like to create transcendent, durable and timeless pieces, with a contemporary style working hand in hand in collaboration with craft workshops. Together with our team of designers and artisans we have developed three collections of sculptural objects that have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Mexico and abroad; and we also have an extensive catalog of furniture for residential and commercial use. Our thinking is a constant flow between the subjective and the functional, the craft and the market, technique and art.
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