Decorative Reverie: Interior Decor With Soul

In the endless world of interior design, where every room is a canvas and every piece of decor a brushstroke, a realm of boundless creativity beckons a realm we call decorative reverie. This article embarks on a journey deep into the heart of design. “Decorative Reverie: Interior Design With Soul” invites you to venture beyond the functional aspects of decor. Additionally, embrace the transformative power of aesthetic choices. Join us as we unravel the threads of creativity woven into every fabric. Embrace the harmonies of color that infuse life into each space. Acknowledge the myriad small details that breathe soul into a room.

Musgo Area Rug by Brera Studio

Musgo Rug is a statement piece part of the Brera Studio Terra collection. This piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted in an artisanal way in direct collaboration with local Mexican craftsmanship.

Bond Decor Vase by Huillet Lucas

The Bond vase was born from the combination of ceramic work and the practice of bondage.

Soft Jug Sculptural Decor by Panorammma Atelier

©Panorammma Atelier

Making direct reference to the ability of bodily organs to function as vessels, while also alluding to plastic surgery.

“Fiordo” Set Mirror + Runner Rug, Beige / Black by Brera Studio

©Brera Studio

Fiordo Set” is a statement piece inspired by organic shapes of bodies of water. This is 100% dyed, woven, and designed by hand and proudly crafted in Mexico.

The Drago Bianco by COSEINCORSO


This six-dragon-head ceramic is a reinterpretation of the original pot which was specially designed for the wedding trousseau.

KUMANEC complete decor set by FAINA


KUMANEC vase revives the shape of traditional Ukrainian festive pottery. An ancestral shape that vibrates with the animistic presence of live design.

My Free Entrance Decor by Federica Paglia

©Federica Paglia

This vase is intended for sculptural purposes.
The use of water to hold flowers/plants is not recommended.

Blue Laugh by Yoomoota

Blue laugh from the Emo Planet of the Yoomoota universe is the personification of human joy.

Barva 3 Vase by Pani Jurek

© Pani Jurek

BARVA Bauhaus vases look attractive without any plants as independent abstract compositions.

“Meteorite” decorative sound system by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz 

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Its concrete craft-made, cave-like structure is designed for excellent sound performance and resonance.

Angels, Sunset Wall Mirror by Andreas Berlin 

© Andreas Berlin

The SUNSET WALL MIRRORS are inspired by Art déco and the 70s.

Pope Vase by Akademie

Pope Vase responds to its surroundings by distorting reflections in a vertical manner. The name comes from its similarity to a pope hat as its form, which is a great example of the playful tone of Akademie.

“Set Saturn 155a ppb” Vintage Wall Mirrors by Andreas Berlin

©Andreas Berlin

The attachment of the vintage glass bowls is done with screws and dowels on the wall. The mirror surfaces are held by magnets “floating” in the shells. Each glass bowl has a tailored construction.

Balance in Depression – Tropical Depression Decor by Fi 

© Fi 

TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi – Sofía Alvarado (Panama, 1984).

Good Bye Life – Tropical Depression by Fi


This is another piece from the solo show – TROPICAL DEPRESSION.

Wood & Wax Mirror Decor by Ebba Lindgren 

©Ebba Lindgren

This Boho Chic mirror is all about proportion and shape. A distinct oval seems to be balancing upon the tiers of the ash-wood base.

Pierced Vase by SIUP Studio

Pierced Vase is a hand-built vase with colourful rings from modelling clay by SIUP Studio.

Jazz Fan by Szostak Atelier

© Szostak Atelier

Massive retro yet futuristic fans are the most recognisable of Szostak Atelier’s pieces.
Jazz Fan is a part of the flagship Finish Collection made for the studio reopening in 2021.

Medusa Mirror and Rug Set by Brera Studio

© Brera Studio

Medusa Rug & Mirror set are a pair of statement pieces part of the Brera Studio Terra collection. This Maximalism set is inspired by the curves and colors of the jellyfish.

“Presa” Rug-Framed Decorative Mirror by Brera Studio

©Brera Studio

This Conceptual piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted in an artisanal way in direct collaboration with local Mexican craftsmanship.

“YOUR FACE” Mirror by Leo De Carlo

© Leo De Carlo

That is a Venetian mirror melted in random shapes: all components are made of Murano glass.

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