12 Staggering Studios to see at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

ZONAMACO Diseño 2024, a standout segment of Latin America’s largest art fair platform ZONAMACO, is poised to offer an exceptional display of creativity and craftsmanship from February 7-11, 2024, at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. Under the artistic direction of Cecilia León de la Barra since 2011, the fair will feature a wide array of furniture, jewelry, textiles, and more, showcasing the vibrant landscape of Mexican Design.

ZONAMACO, established by Zélika García in 2002, has become a pioneering force in the art and design sector. With its diverse events including ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo, ZONAMACO Diseño, ZONAMACO Salón del Anticuario, and ZONAMACO Foto, it celebrates various art forms, establishing a strong presence in Mexico and beyond.

One of the highlights of ZONAMACO Diseño 2024 is EMERGENTE, curated by Cecilia León de la Barra, Joel Escalona, and Jorge Diego Etienne, spotlighting emerging design talents. This event invites art lovers, collectors, and professionals to witness the fusion of tradition and innovation in Latin American art and design.

Our selection of studios to discover at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

Daniel Orozco Estudio at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

1. Daniel Orozco Estudio – Reforestation and Radical Design

Located in the Mexican jungle, Daniel Orozco Estudio is celebrated for its commitment to quality and environmentally conscious practices. Specializing in tropical hardwood, the studio is launching a reforestation plan and is known for its high-quality, functional furniture.

Burro at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

2. Burro – Mexican Design Made Accessible

The “De Pe a Pa” collection, featuring the aluminum Pa and Pe lamps, exemplifies the studio’s approach to making Mexican design accessible through a blend of strength and aesthetic appeal.

Del Interior at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

3. Del Interior – Narratives and Simplicity

Led by Eliel Vázquez, Del Interior crafts utilitarian objects that blend functionality with aesthetic connection. The brand emphasizes the narrative layers behind each creation, fostering a sense of shared experience.

Cooperativa Panorámica at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

4. Cooperativa Panorámica – A Collective of Star-Designers

This group of Mexican designers uses design as a tool for critical expression and inclusive dialogue. Super-star members like Joel Escalona and Jorge Diego Etienne contribute to a diverse range of design projects and exhibitions globally.

Bandido at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

5. BANDIDO – Exploring Light Duality

Since 2016, BANDIDO, a Puebla-based design studio, specializes in lighting design. They focus on the exploration of concepts, forms, and materials, highlighting Mexican craftsmanship and production quality.

José María Balmaceda at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

6. José María Balmaceda – Tales of Textile Treasures

Textile artist José María Balmaceda, known for his “Fossil” collection, blends Mexican heritage with Asian culture. His work, featured in various exhibitions, reflects his journey from fashion to textile art.

Uxi at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

7. Uxi – A Ceramicist and Clay Collector

Eugenia, a self-taught ceramicist in Yucatán, creates pieces that delve into the history and ethnoarchaeology of clay, bringing to life both utilitarian and sculptural works that echo the earth’s sediments.

XOXOT at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

8. XOXOT – Engaging Community Around Timeless Crafts

This Campeche-based workshop focuses on carpentry and conservation. Their training program, established during the pandemic, integrates local community members, emphasizing wood recovery and jungle conservation.

ZONAMACO Diseño 2024 Sergio Enríquez

9. Sergio Enríquez – A Mexican minimalist at heart

An industrial designer specializing in furniture, lighting, and everyday objects, Enríquez is known for his balance between material aesthetics and processes, creating enduring, meticulously crafted pieces.

Lara villa ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

10. Lara Villa – Boheme approach to Contemporary Questions

Designer Lara Villa, from Guadalajara, fuses art with science in her design process. Her work, driven by curiosity and diversity, uncovers the soul of each object, creating pieces that resonate emotionally and aesthetically.

Proyectora Artesanal at ZONAMACO Diseño 2024

11. Proyectora Artesanal – Meticously Crafted Precision

This Tonalá-based studio, established by Antonio Quintero, focuses on metalwork, blurring lines between art, design, craftsmanship, and production. Emphasizing traditional blacksmithing within its local context, it upholds craftsmanship as key to precision in design.

12. San Hock Studio – Combining user empathy with sustainability

San Hock Studio excels in the realm of multidisciplinary design, uniquely combining empathy for users’ needs with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Renowned for transforming each project into a meaningful experience, the studio masterfully blends aesthetics, functionality, and exclusivity.

ZONAMACO Diseño 2024 is set to, once again, be a landmark event, showcasing the rich tapestry of Latin American art and design. With a focus on emerging talent and established studios, it promises to be a hub of creativity and innovation. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that celebrates the dynamic and diverse nature of the design world, highlighting the best in Latin American creativity.

Event Date: February 7-11, 2024
Location: Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City

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