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Italy (48)

Explore Contemporary design and functional art from emerging and established independent makers from the Italian Design Scene. All pieces have been carefully curated by the Milan-based Italian curators Mr. Lawrence – A curatorial studio led by renowned design journalist Annalisa Rosso and her partner Francesco Mainardi.

Our Italian selection features a snapshot of the current Italian design scene. Exclusive Murano Glass creations and forward-thinking furniture designs. Among the designers are established Design Studios such as Zanellato/Bortotto Studio, Vito Nesta, Francesco Faccin, Pietro Russo Design, Draga&Aurel, Marco Guazzini, Architetti Artigiani Anonimi, and valentina.cameranesi. We also support emerging talents including STORIES OF ITALY, Agustina Bottoni, Flatwig Studio, Matteo Silverio, OPERE VARIE, Gupica, Laura Sattin, Federica Elmo & Domenico Orefice. Browse all of our Italian designers and artists here.

Many designers from Italy have been working for some of the leading Italian furniture brands and design houses such as B&B, BosaFasemKartell, CappeliniMolteni & C.Moroso, Tacchini, and Tronconi. Today, we see a change in the practice of contemporary designers. Now they are starting to produce the design pieces in their own studios and workshops. This gives a closer connection between the design process and the final product and gives an opportunity to buy into sustainable production while supporting local makers.

Our Italian design collections are always curated with local expert eyes, to be at the forefront of current trends. These Designers do not just tap into the current design trends but rather define the trends of tomorrow. Browse our curated Design Collections here.

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