Peacock Chair

by Forrest Hudes United States (US)

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The Peacock Chair is made from solid walnut, laminated and carved. An exploration of the notion of the “seat of power”, the chair is comfortable and strong while being soft, supple, and displaying vulnerability through its lace-like fanned back. The chair is related to a series by the artist exploring the punctuation of furniture with orifices that disrupt surfaces. Made by first creating a solid surface through glue-laminations and then meticulously carving and sanding the web of holes, the chair-back reflects various natural patterns and creates a shadow reminiscent of a tree canopy casting its shadow on the ground.

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I am a craftsperson, artist, and designer focused on participating in the making of meaning with wood in the contemporary world. To me, wood represents the potentials of the body. By shaping it, I can change, undermine, reverse, and expand those possibilities. My work operates as a site of inquiry into the complex and fluid nature of queer identity, wherein the tension between internal and external realities becomes palpable. My early life and education was in the performing arts, and from that place I approach my craft practice with an idiosyncratic methodology, one that privileges intuition and responsiveness over the rigidity of planful construction. In doing so, I seek to destabilize the linearity and planarity inherent in traditional woodworking techniques. My practice centers the tension between inner and outer, that which is felt and that which is perceived, that which is expected and that which is yearned for - and especially the limitations of matter, the constraints of material, and the edges which you can push that up against. I make functional and dysfunctional objects out of wood to this end. While being highly recognizable, my objects also deviate from expectations in ways that imbue the familiar with newness.  
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