Microbiome III

by Sabrina Merayo Nuñez United States (US)

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“Sympoietic” by Sabrina Merayo Nuñez intricately weaves the worlds of humans, non-humans, and technology, establishing a profound web of kinship. Drawing inspiration from both modern and medieval techniques, Sabrina has formulated a distinctive recipe for 100% biodegradable collagen-based bioplastic, reminiscent of ancient paint and adhesive preparations. Using this pioneering material, she fashions interactive lighting sculptures that engage with viewers through embedded motion sensors. These sculptures seamlessly incorporate carved artifacts, furniture fragments, veneers, and gleaming crystals.

A standout within “Sympoietic” is the Microbiomes series. These lighting sculptures, crafted by Sabrina, encapsulate miniature ecosystems. Within the bioplastic forms lie tiny glass spheres filled with agar and roots, providing a nurturing space for microorganisms. As these micro-inhabitants thrive and evolve, they subtly alter the sculpture’s appearance, reflecting the organic behaviors of life within. Sabrina’s designs echo transformational encasements found in nature, like nests, chrysalises, and cocoons.

Through presenting “Sympoietic”, Sabrina Merayo Nuñez endeavors to traverse the juncture of design, art, and science. She invites viewers to reconsider the dynamic relationships they foster with the myriad objects in their lives.

Materials: Sabrina’s custom-crafted bioplastic, Agar-rooted glass capsules, motion sensors, crystals, shellac flakes, roots, vintage enlarger magnifying glass, wooden tripod, LED light strips.

Microbiome III has a two-sided viewer and a fixed-height tri-pod base.

This lamp can be costumed to work in any country.
10FT DC 12V Power Extension Cord and adapter are included.

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About Sabrina Merayo Nuñez Visit Showroom →

Sabrina Merayo Nunez is an Argentinian multidisciplinary artist based in NYC. Her eclectic background includes in bio-art, biomaterials, sculpture and history of design. Rather than using petroleum based resin, Sabrina developed a collagen based bioplastic that is biodegradable and speaks back to the mediation of matter. The amber colored bioplastic is embellished and implanted with a variety of lenses, crystals, chips of bark, electronic sensors, and furniture pieces, much like the petrified tree resin that preserved biological artifacts from the Neolithic period. The surface’s intricate networks of roots, veins, and wires highlight how entangled the routes of nature and technology are and how each has influenced and been influenced by mankind. Sympoietic, her series of interactive light sculptures is activated through electronic sensors as visitors move through the space. Depending on how they are approached, they may light up, go dim, or pulse as if their hearts were beating. This animated response conjures up a living presence that seemingly acknowledges the act of being seen. Sabrina Merayo Nunez is interested in examining and bringing together three axes in her work: the processes of nature, human capacity to control them, and the technology that have emerged as intermediaries between them. Tools such as lenses, machines, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence, not only allow us to expand our senses and capacities of understanding, but modify the world we live in. Sabrina views these technologies as extensions of our perception, challenging us to consider the materiality of our own physicality. She has worked in laboratories where art and science work together, exploring growth and decay, the transformation of matter into data, and all the nuances inherent in translation.
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