Cherry Picker – Mycelium Coffee Table
by Kamilla Csegzi Studio United States (US)

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This coffee table is a living/non-living piece, that goes beyond mere aesthetic; it embodies the harmonious alliance between human creativity and the natural world. By using mycelium, the intricate network of fungal threads, on a substrate collected in the time of the cherry blossom in NYC, it represents a collaboration with nature itself. By co-creating with nature, I aim to highlight the beauty and complexity of natural systems while emphasizing the importance of our symbiotic relationship with the environment. The piece is a reminder that we are not separate from nature, but rather integral parts of a larger interconnected web of life.

This coffee table table is made out of natural organic materials and recycled glass.

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Kamilla Csegzi is a Hungarian architect and artist/designer currently based in NYC, creating spaces and objects that bridge between the precarity of people and nature. Working across the scales of architecture, installations and objects, Kamilla's creative process is instigated by the power of the surrounding material and natural world to shape and define humans, to articulate rituals, movements, behavior, gestures and relationships. To harness this symbiosis, her design engages natural processes like movement of air, growth, sedimentation, evaporation, vitrification, or the decay and transformations of material waste. In the more recent years, her focus has been on research and design with mycelium, the intricate network of thread-like structures found in fungi, that possesses a remarkable ability to transform and adapt. By harnessing the regenerative potential of mycelium, she aims to create pieces that undergo a transformative metamorphosis, reflecting the dynamic and positive change from decay to growth. Instead of being the form-giver to an object or the follower of a function, her craft gives up part of the control to co-create with nature. The result are pieces with structural integrity while also possessing a living essence, blurring the boundary between living and non-living things.
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