Blur (vii) – Handwoven Blanket

by Rest Studio Poland

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The BLUR (VII) series, an exquisite range of handwoven blankets by Rest Studio, showcases the unique beauty of combining mohair and alpaca fibers. These fibers, when expertly combed, create a mesmerizing effect with fluid transitions of color, adding depth and vibrancy to each blanket.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these blankets are double-faced, offering a versatile and luxurious feel. Woven on a traditional harness loom, they are also skillfully stuffed with merino nepps, enhancing their texture and warmth.

Rest Studio has employed an array of distinct yarns in the creation of the BLUR (VII) series, including mohair, alpaca, alpaca bouclé, and pineapple fibers. This diverse selection of materials not only contributes to the visual appeal of the blankets but also creates a variety of tactile sensations. The result is a collection that not only serves as cozy, functional home accessories but also as artistic expressions of textile craftsmanship.

The blanket can be customised.

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REST Studio, co-founded by Dominika Gacka and Julia Piekarska, alumni of the Fine Arts Academy in Łódź, Poland, is a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. At the heart of their work lies a passion for weaving, a discipline that they have elevated to an art form. The studio specializes in creating richly textured textiles, all handwoven with a focus on haptic qualities and the use of eco-friendly materials. Their pursuit of beauty transcends the visual; it delves deeply into the tactile, bringing a unique sensory experience to each piece. Dominika and Julia employ a range of weaving techniques to craft sophisticated structures, which find their place in interior decor, furniture, and accessory design. Every project is meticulously woven by hand on traditional analogue harness looms, a nod to the enduring techniques of textile art. A significant aspect of REST Studio's ethos is their commitment to sustainability. This is exemplified in their Restki project, an innovative endeavor to repurpose yarn waste into new materials. This project reflects their dedication to environmental responsibility, exploring the possibilities of creating interior objects from leftover yarn. The creative journey of REST Studio is marked by serendipity, unexpected discoveries, and moments of inspiration. Their process is a deep exploration of how color, weave, and yarn type interact, with each stage of project development receiving the utmost attention. It's in this journey of creation where they find their greatest fulfillment, continually pushing the boundaries of textile art and design.
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