Your Guide to Fuorisalone During Milan Design Week 2024

As the spring breeze sweeps through Milan’s streets, the city’s venerated design legacy awakens to the anticipation of Salone del Mobile, the most extensive global furniture exhibition and the cornerstone of Milan Design Week. Complementing the central stage of Salone del Mobile are the endless  Fuorisalone Events, spread across the city. These events transform Milan into a vivacious city-wide festival where each district pulsates with vibrant exhibitions, installations, and lively parties throughout the week. Here’s a quick guide to a selection of the districts:

  • Brera Design District: Centrally located, the chic Brera district presents a vibrant fusion of modern and traditional design elements. Fittingly, It features an staggering number of 196 permanent showrooms.
  • Tortona Design Week: The trendy Tortona area is a patchwork of former factories, workshops and warehouses. During design week you can wander through extensive installations, exhibitions and events.
  • Isola Design DistrictThe Isola district will be showcasing five group exhibitions and various installations. Over 320 international designers will participate across more than 40 locations.
  • 5VIE Art + Design: The 5VIE district downtown is celebrated for its unique atmosphere. Here, the historical context of the surroundings harmonizes with the modern and avant-garde expressions of design.

Of course, don’t forget to venture beyond the city limits to experience Alcova, housed in two historic villas. Here, ADORNO will proudly present the soulful Animism exhibition, which will explore the deeper meaning of objects through the lens of Animism. Read on for our top picks for Fuorisalone exhibitions not to miss!

Marimekko & Apartamento present Bar Unikko at Fuorisalone

Embrace the iconic, jubilant spirit of Marimekko as the Finnish design house commemorates the 60th anniversary of its beloved Unikko print. Initiating the festive season at Milan Design Week, Marimekko presents Bar Unikko, a captivating reinterpretation of a traditional Milanese café in collaboration with the esteemed interiors magazine Apartamento. Delight in the vibrant ambiance of Bar Unikko, where Finnish design heritage meets the chic sensibilities championed by Apartamento.

Marimekko and Bar Unikko at Fuorisalone
© Marimekko

This conceptual experience encapsulates Marimekko’s ethos of joy and optimism, artfully intertwined with Apartamento’s contemporary perspective on daily life. At Bar Unikko, patrons can relish in the fusion of nostalgia and modernity, as Marimekko’s iconic floral motif adorns the space with whimsical character. Beyond its visually arresting design, Bar Unikko serves as a hub for exclusive limited-edition collectibles, commemorating six decades of Unikko’s classic charm. Moreover, it becomes a vibrant community hub, hosting a spectrum of activities from leisurely breakfasts to lively happy hours, inviting guests to partake in the jubilant festivities.

When? April 15–21,  from 8 am to 9 pm​ Where? Via Antonio Stoppani 15

Rude Arts Club by cc-tapis and Tacchini

Discover the debut of Cosmic, Toogood, and Tacchini’s engrossing furniture collections, alongside the unveiling of Rude, Toogood’s latest rug series in collaboration with cc-tapis at Rude Arts Club, set to be a sanctuary amidst the chaotic energy of Milano’s trade show scene. Explore the eclectic club rooms adorned with the striking designs of Rude rugs and Lunar lights. Each space exudes its own distinct ambiance, inviting you to indulge in the artful fusion of texture and illumination. Take a moment to relax on the Solar daybeds amidst plush surroundings that showcase British designer Faye Toogood’s signature bold shapes and innovative craftsmanship.

Rude Arts Club at Fuorisalone
© John William

Even better, as the sun sets, Rude Arts Club transitions into a vibrant nightlife destination. Experience the magic as the space comes alive with music and libations courtesy of the esteemed Bene Bene Bar, elevating your evening with a touch of sophistication and charm.

When? April 16-21, from 10 to 10 pm Where? the cc-tapis Showroom, located at Piazza Santo Stefano, 10

Prada Frames by Formafantasma at Fuorisalone

Prada Frames 2024 makes its much-anticipated return, curated by Formafantasma, for its third edition, delving into an enthralling exploration of the modern concept of home. Under the theme “Being Home,” this symposium works to expand conversations about what design can do, offering fresh perspectives on the home as a dynamic sanctuary amid contemporary challenges.

Prada Frames at Fuorisalone
© Prada and Formafantasma

From April 14th to 16th, esteemed figures such as Paola Antonelli and Alice Rawsthorn will gather at Milan’s historic Bagatti Valsecchi Museum to unravel the intricate relationship between design and environment. Join us for three days of enlightening discussions and visionary insights that promise to reshape our perception of “home” in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

When? April 14-16, check site for schedule details Where? The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, Via Gesù, 5

House of Switzerland Milano at Fuorisalone

The House of Switzerland embarks on an exploration of JOY and its profound relationship with the creative process, serving as a platform for Swiss design excellence while nurturing international connections. In collaboration with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Presence Switzerland, this dynamic event showcases the myriad talents hailing from Switzerland.

House of Switzerland at Fuorisalone
© Dorothee Dähler, Kaj Lehmann, Lukas Marstaller, Oliver-Selim Boualam, Yeliz Secerli

Bringing together designers, studios, universities, brands, and galleries from across the country, this collective exhibition curated by the Swiss Foundation for Culture Pro Helvetia and Presenza Svizzera shines a spotlight on the vibrant creativity inherent in Swiss design. Through immersive installations, participants delve into the emotional depths of their creative journey, prompting audiences to ponder the intricate interplay between design and the theme of joy. As visitors engage with these thought-provoking installations, they are invited to contemplate the emotions and sensations evoked by the act of creation, fostering a deeper understanding of the transformative power of design.

When? April 15–21,  from 10 am to 8 pm​ Where? Casa Degli Artisti Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, Corso Garibaldi, 89/A

Bocci presents glass works by Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi

At Milan Design Week 2024, Bocci unveils the latest iteration of its Milan residence, a dynamic space hosting a pop-up shop featuring the sepia-toned 14p portable light and new glass artworks by Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi. Transforming into a mesmerizing nocturnal showcase, the residence becomes a focal point for the “Unexpected Guests” exhibition, spotlighting Sgroi’s pieces that seamlessly blend natural and artificial themes, creating a cinematic interior experience.

Bocci at Fuorisalone
© Bocci

In addition to Sgroi’s artworks, the refreshed space showcases intricately hand-painted textures by Pictalab and introduces Orior’s ‘Fearn’ collection, a harmonious marriage of historic inspiration and contemporary design. Embracing its role as a cultural nexus, the Milan apartment showroom, located within a picturesque early twentieth-century building in Zona Vincenzo Monti, serves as a European hub for Bocci’s transnational community, fostering connections between people, ideas, and objects. Through curated programming and immersive experiences, visitors are invited to delve deeper into the brand’s ethos and ecosystem, solidifying its integral relationship with the vibrant city of Milan.

When? April 13–21,  from 10 am to 6 pm​ Where? Via Giuseppe Rovani, 20

HEAD in Milan at Fuorisalone

Students from the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève unveil “2084: a Diorama of the Future” a performance/installation offering insight into a not-so-distant future grappling with ecological challenges. This immersive experience, the culmination of a year-long creative endeavor, invites participants to engage with tangible outcomes while delving into the students’ visionary narrative.

HEAD - Genève at Fuorisalone
© HEAD – Genève

Set within the historic annexes of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, revitalized by Alcova, the space is transformed into a dynamic and participatory environment. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the students’ interpretation of the future, experiencing an accelerated circadian movement and interacting with various elements of the camp. Drawing inspiration from a fable depicting climate refugees in the year 2084, the MAIA students have dedicated months to designing, imagining, and crafting this thought-provoking installation. During Milan Design Week 2024, “2084: a Diorama of the Future” not only showcases the tangible results of their creative process but also invites audiences to become active participants in shaping their vision of tomorrow.

When? April 15–21,  from 11 am to 7 pm​ Where? Villa Bagatti Valsecchi Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 48


Villa Clea invites you to step inside and experience a unique domestic perspective on the works of the inaugural artists hosted by Allina in residence. Explore the captivating paintings and ceramics by New York-based artist and art director Andrea Smith, delve into the mesmerizing portraits and videoclips crafted by Breton choreographer and photographer Sulian Rios, immerse yourself in the vibrant canvases of Parisian performative painter Jan Melka, and marvel at the intricate paintings and sculptures of Chinese artist Xiao Zhiyu.

Villa Clea at Fuorisalone
© Villa Clea

Nestled within the Scalo Romana district, Villa Clea stands as a testament to contemporary creativity, crafted by Matteo Corbellini from clay and cement casts on the site of a former workshop. Beyond its architectural brilliance, the villa opens its doors to the community, transforming into a private residence that serves as a poignant meeting ground for the exploration of contemporary culture and artistic expression.

When? April 9 –21,  from 11 am to 6 pm​ Where? Villa Clea Via Marco D’Agrate, 25-27

Enjoy your Fuorisalone Experience at Milan Design Week 2024!

Plunge into the incredible wealth of exhibitions, galleries, and installations across Milan during Design Week. Here are just a few of the many captivating experiences awaiting you. Plan ahead to maximize your visit, and be sure to visit our Animism exhibit at ALCOVA. Enjoy the creative adventure that awaits!

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