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Over the last decade, the market for collectible design has experienced an exciting spate of development, driven by designers from various design communities and buyers around the world. Although it is not always so visible, this emerging sector exemplifies a significant level of creativity and innovation — and despite the importance of the objects being produced therein, designers often face difficulties reaching potential buyers. This unfortunate reality provided the impetus to create a new collaborative platform that connects curators and designers with collectors on a global scale: the ADORNO International Design Collaboration.
The online network will connect these invaluable players in the world of design, but that is not enough: we also want also facilitate new conversations about design. To keep the standard high, ADORNO is an invite-only site for designers which maintains its integrity, criticality, and inclusivity through the process of curation. The collaboration promotes curator-selected portfolios of unique works, limited editions, and small-scale pieces manufactured by designers in each of ADORNO’s spotlighted destinations.
The exhibited pieces on adorno.design are always created by individual designers, teams and small design studios, and are distinguished by original qualities recognized to have local and global resonance by leading design curators in their region.
With our digital platform, curated portfolios and gallery, editorial content, global shipping solutions, and promotional activities, we want to provide the infrastructure for unique collaborations and bring them to the ever-growing segment of international collectors.
We aim to facilitate a new network and marketplace for leading designers and design communities, and our ambition is to become a new point of reference within the international design community — debating, showcasing, marketing, and selling the best of collectible design across regions, countries, and continents.

“We will be providing collectors and buyers of design a unique opportunity to collect design created by emerging as well as established names from all over the world.” — Kristian Snorre Andersen, CEO of ADORNO

A central goal of ADORNO is to lift various tasks off the shoulders of designers, thereby giving them more time to focus on their creative process and practice. All transactions and communications on adorno.design are conducted directly between the designers and the collectors, as buyers place their orders on the platform — and shipping is organized worldwide.
For ADORNO, the primary goal is to develop an efficient, user-friendly and dynamic ecosystem of international design.

Welcome to ADORNO International Design Collaboration.
Curated Collectible Design. Anything but Standard.

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