“Théros” Collection by Studio Aristotelis Barakos – A design journey through the Mediterranean summer

For the award-winning design studio Studio Aristotelis Barakos, based in Athens, Greece, a hands-on and fearless approach to creativity is at the heart of their design philosophy. Barakos’ approach is also marked by an emphasis on creative problem-solving and an eagerness to constantly embrace new challenges, which has resulted in collaborations with a diverse range of artisans and experts.

The designer, with an academic background in Physics and Product Design, describes himself as “an honest thinker and a dedicated maker”. He aims to create not only objects that are functional and aesthetically pleasing but that also “[…] help people live better and feel more”. This desire to connect with the user of his objects on an emotional level through elegant and timeless design is realized through the studio’s ongoing “Théros” collection.

The ever-growing “Théros” project consists of lighting objects with varying shapes and sizes, including, but not limited to, “Théros 0.1”, “Théros 0.2”, and “Théros 0.3”. The inspiration behind this creative endeavor of Barakos is the idea of the quintessential Mediterranean summer based on the designer’s childhood memories of his yearly visits to Greece, his paternal homeland.

Through the composition of the “Théros” pieces, Barakos wants to evoke the sensations he associates with these memories, from the dry grass found next to country roads to the blinding sunlight. In line with this concept, the humanoid shape of the lamps mimics the image of a person standing, basking in the soothing sunlight, whilst a whimsical straw hat rests on its head.

The Mediterranean character of the “Théros” collection is also represented by Barakos’ choice of materials. The base is made from white Volakas marble from Drama, Greece, recognizable by its characteristic grey veins, giving each “Théros” piece a unique touch. The straw hat is handmade in Athens, Greece. It can be tilted in various directions, therefore, allowing its user to create different effects with the light coming from the object’s head, an opaque glass sphere. A brass disc seals the base of each lamp and bears the designer’s logo.

Overall, part of the “Théros” lamps’ attractiveness is their strong personality, which is elegant and understated yet, at the same time, playful, lovable, and cheerful. Given the local production, Barakos also places importance on supporting smaller Greek workshops and artisans, further strengthening the Mediterranean origin of “Théros”.

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