“The Felt Collection” by STACKLAB – Where technology and sustainability intersect

STACKLAB is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. Through its products and projects, the studio aims to provoke meaningful discourse about our ways of living.

Founded by Jeff Forrest in 2013, STACKLAB is known for its innovative blend of design, tech and circular manufacturing. Rather than work backwards from the desired output, such as a new chair or a home, the team applies a diverse set of skills and perspectives to problems worth solving.

The Felt Collection is a collaboration with two regional premium Merino wool manufacturers, one based in Toronto and the other in Upstate New York, as well as Toronto metal manufacturers and computer programmers.

STACKLAB identified surplus off-cut and end-of-bolt felted wool that, when stored, occupy significant factory space for these manufacturers. In turn, they designed a computer aided system that makes productive (re)use of the off-cuts and end-of-bolt felt in the form of household furnishings. The collection has a distinct form logic that is unabashedly linked to efficiency and re-use.

As a studio, STACKLAB is dedicated to creating works that address relevant environmental, social, and economic issues. The Felt Collection is one of their many ongoing case studies that identify inherent inefficiencies in regional manufacturing methods and provide a use scenario for waste products.

STACKLAB’s goal is to contribute to the industry by looking critically at how things are made, offer strategic initiatives that result in better efficiency, and expand material life cycles and market opportunities.

The Felt Collection includes benches, stools, side tables, and chairs and, through a range of different colours, heights, and finishes, each made-to-order piece is unique and can be customised to the user’s taste.

STACKLAB’s Arm Chair, Bench, and Chair from the Felt Collection alongside the “Jupiter Dining Table”

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