SOULFUL OBJECTS: A Commitment To Ecuador’s Cultural Material Wealth

ANDEAN, a design studio led by Alejandro Moyano, showcases the rich heritage of Ecuadorian craftsmanship in the modern design world. The studio’s recent collection, “SOULFUL OBJECTS,” marries traditional artisanship with contemporary design, highlighting Ecuador’s cultural material wealth.

This collection is a vivid display of ANDEAN’s commitment to blending time-honored Ecuadorian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. It features a range of items, including decorative bowls, candle holders, pillows, and tapestries. Each piece is carefully crafted using materials like volcanic stone from Chimborazo, bronze, and velvet, chosen for their cultural significance and intrinsic beauty.

The SITIERA Decorative Bowl and MORTERO Decorative Bowl are notable examples from the collection. These items reflect the landscape and artistic heritage of Ecuador, inspired by the motifs of Quito and the grandeur of the Chimborazo volcano. They represent a thoughtful integration of traditional materials and reinvented design techniques.

In soft décor, the CHURO Decorative Bolster and FAJAS Decorative Pillow showcase the studio’s dedication to reviving traditional Ecuadorian textiles. Combining local materials like sheepskin and handwoven sashes with contemporary design, these pieces are a nod to Ecuador’s textile heritage.

The CENTRO and LLAMA Handwoven Tapestries embody the essence of Andean culture and iconography. Crafted using ancient weaving techniques, these tapestries bridge historical artisanship with present-day design, underscoring the importance of preserving and evolving traditional skills.

Collaborating with artisans like Marco Panamá for Handwoven Tapestries, Washington Romero in woodworking, and Edison Simbaña in metalworking, ANDEAN not only creates exquisite pieces but also supports the continuation of artisanal traditions. These artisans are vital in bringing each design to life, infusing their expertise and stories into every creation.

Alejandro Moyano | Principal Designer | ANDEAN

Alejandro Moyano, with his background from Pratt Institute, has positioned ANDEAN as a studio where Ecuadorian culture is both celebrated and reimagined through design. His work, recognized through international accolades, emphasizes the studio’s commitment to bringing Ecuadorian artisanship to a global audience.

SOULFUL OBJECTS” is ANDEAN’s way of inviting the world to experience the richness of Ecuador through contemporary design lenses. The collection is a tribute to the artisans’ role in preserving cultural knowledge and their skill in adapting it to modern contexts. Through its work, ANDEAN ensures that the stories and skills of Ecuadorian craftsmanship continue to resonate and evolve in the world of contemporary design.

Discover the Soulful Objects Collection by ANDEAN

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