Max Fraser introducing his London collection

The local design expert and London curator, Max Fraser is in his first collection featuring work from prominent and renowned designers such as Juli Bolanos-Durman, Marlene Huissoud, Laetitia de Allegri & Matteo Fogale, Studio Utopia and Utility with Pia Wustenberg, Gilles & Cecilie Studio, and Mark Laban. According to Max Fraser most of them are part of “a movement over the last few years within design who embrace a lot of craft techniques, a lot of traditional techniques, and that’s off the back of a lot of those potentially dying out as bigger industries take over and some of those techniques become obsolete. He continues “there is an appetite from a young generation, in many design communities to embrace some of the techniques that maybe are going to disappear and take them into the 21st century, reinvigorate them with fresh energy.”

ADORNO’s design exhibition at designjunction during London Design Festival will present pieces of the  London collection by Mark Laban and Pia Wustenberg of Studio Utopia and Utility but also pieces from the other 10 design communities now part of the young international design collaboration.

Max Fraser works as a design commentator across the media of books, magazines, exhibitions, video, and events to broaden the conversation around contemporary design. He delivers content and strategy for a variety of public and private bodies in the UK and abroad. He worked as the Deputy Director of the London Design Festival from 2012-2015 and continues to consult. He is the author of several design books including Design UK and Designers on Design, which he co-wrote with Sir Terence Conran. He owns Spotlight Press, a publishing imprint, recent titles include London Design Guide and Dezeen Book of Ideas. As a journalist, he writes for publications including Financial Times, Blueprint, Frame and Disegno.

We met our London curator, Max Fraser, who shortly introduces his newest collection from London.

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