"Pita Outdoors" Daybed

“Pita” Daybed by Peca – Collectible design for a mid-summer moment

For Peca, an independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, it’s all in the details. Since 2007, head designer and studio director Caterina Moretti has infused the brand with her unique ability to work with natural materials, explore texture and form, and bring nature indoors in surprising ways. Collaborations with local artisans and invited designers have contributed to the spirit of Peca, resulting in a catalogue that is rich in both tradition and innovation.

Moretti has the ability to focus her vision on the tiniest details of her furniture, accessories, and interior design projects, while simultaneously looking to the horizon to direct her design studio. As a designer, her inspiration is in nature, in raw materials that offer multiple possibilities of shapes and textures, and in their ability to be transformed into everyday objects. Her passion for texture and contrast has translated into a range of objects that infuse the organic and subtle with an original point of view, always provoking a contemplative twist.

A daybed is the piece of furniture that every room needs, whether it knows it or not.

The “Pita” Daybed’s subtle lines in wood-turned oak invite you to take a breath, close your eyes and halt the passage of time. Pita’s name comes from piteado, the traditional embroidery technique used on the cylindrical leather cushion whose pattern resembles falling rain. Rest your head on this cushion and the rain will wash away the weight of your day.

"Pita" Daybed featuring oak backing and wool and leather pillows against interior stairs

Also available as the “Pita Outdoors” Daybed, a piece created to offer you much a needed relax time. Handcrafted in teak wood and upholstered in off-white denim or Sunbrella neutrals. Kick back wherever you feel like: on the patio, terrace or even up on the rooftop garden!

"Pita Outdoors" Daybed

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