“Pedestal” Series by Vilde Hagelund – A tactile experience merging machine and the hand of the designer

Vilde Hagelund is an Oslo-based furniture designer. With degrees in both multimedia technology and product design, she has finally found her true passion within the field of furniture design. She strongly believes that material, form and function should be equally valued throughout a design process.

Combining a crafters hand, an artists eye, and a designers’ mind triggers the creativity and need to create long-lasting, quality products. Her master’s degree thesis “Objectum” was nominated for Designers’ Saturday Awards – Best Talents 2019, and she received a Design Scholarship from the Federation of Norwegian Industries the same year.

The “Pedestal” side table series (2019) consists of geometric parts made by machine. A hand-carved texture is added on the surface for a tactile experience, enhancing the material agency and value of craft. In a way, they can be seen as a representation of how machine and hand can coexist to make rare products in a world with overconsumption and mass production.

The series consists of three variations: “Pedestal Round”, featuring a hand-carved base and smooth, circular table top; “Pedestal Square”, a contrast to the former with its smooth base and hand-carved surface; and “Pedestal 2.0”, a further development of the series in the form of a low coffee table.

Featuring a table top supported by two legs rather than one, the latter version is recognisable from the previous collection, but the expression is challenged by experimentation in construction, color, and scheme.

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