“LAYERS OF…” Lamp Series by Evelina Kudabaite – Spontaneous methods to rethink perfection

Evelina Kudabaite is a product designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She sees objects through their materiality and the concept of transformation.⁠

Through her practice, Kudabaite is searching for different materials and processing techniques. Applying them to everyday objects, creating the opportunity to see them from a different perspective. The designer creates her personal collections as well as developing products for home accessories and furniture brands. Her projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationality, combined with a poetic and emotional dimension.⁠

“LAYERS OF…”, a sculptural, stoneware lighting series, continues Kudabaite’s exploration of industrial structures and the architectural elements that surround us.

In its original form, the “LAYERS OF…” Stoneware Lamp III was a result of the dialogue between Kudabaitė, and a ceramic artist. The duo were aiming to rethink the idea of perfection. Continuing this dialogue, these multi-layered objects are constructed in a spontaneous way by assembling hand-thrown, stoneware semi-cylinders as if playing with building blocks.

With their rigid structure and matte tactile surface, the “LAYERS OF…” lighting pieces create a balance between modern precision and sensual craftsmanship. Their rhythmic, monumental construction reflects the pursuit of perfection, while the soft light highlights the uneven touch of the craftsmen, embracing the beauty of unplanned and drawing attention to the craftsperson behind the object.⁠

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