Illuminating Innovation: Rollo Bryant’s Latest 3D Printed Sand Collection “Aureole”

In the heart of Rotterdam, where the buzz of modern ingenuity is almost tangible, sits the studio of Rollo Bryant, a hub of creativity that fuses the wonders of nature with the precision of digital technology. At Rollo Studio, design is a manifesto for a future where aesthetics coexist with environmental responsibility. In this editorial, we delve into Rollo Bryant’s journey, his studio’s ethos, and the new “Aureole” collection, launched at the London Design Fair, proposing new paradigms in the design world.

The Ethos of Rollo Studio

Nestled in the dynamic city of Rotterdam, Rollo Studio emerges as a beacon of contemporary design. Founded by the visionary Rollo Bryant, the studio is an amalgamation of respect for the environment and the pursuit of innovation. The designs that originate here are more than objects; they are conversations in physical form, echoing a deep-seated reverence for the natural world and a relentless drive toward sustainable future-shaping.

At Rollo Studio, the objective is clear: to stretch the boundaries of present-day technology while paying homage to time-honored craftsmanship. This delicate balance is struck by employing computational software alongside freehand sculpting, leading to creations that are as innovative as they are sustainable.

The Artisan Behind the Innovation: Rollo Bryant

Born in the UK in 1996, Rollo Bryant is an alumnus of Design Academy Eindhoven who rapidly became a vanguard of sustainable design. His expertise lies in his ability to meld freehand sculpting with the precision of computational design. Projects under his lead are not only meant to be visually intricate but also carry a message of positive environmental change.

Rollo’s work has been exhibited with a foray of the world’s most influential fairs and galleries, including Side Gallery, Transnatural, Venice Design Biennale, and Collectible Fair. His work reflects a strong commitment to the material while altering perceptions and sparking conversations on critical issues. His cornerstone project, the ‘Urban Stem’, pushes the envelope by exploring how urban lighting can exist in harmony with nature.

The “Aureole” Collection: A Dance of Light and Shadow

The “Aureole” collection stands as an important development in Rollo’s artistic journey, moving from one-of-a-kind into limited editions suitable for a wide range of spaces. In these pieces, light becomes the artist’s chisel, sculpting shadows and hues in an intricate ballet of illumination. This avant-garde assemblage of wall-mounted lighting is a leap into the realms of the extraordinary, drawing heavily from the complex beauty of sunflowers. Each piece in the Aureole collection pays homage to the spiraled structures found in nature, manifesting layers upon layers of depth through their intertwined forms.

SUN V1, V2 & V3

Experiencing Aureole

The true enchantment occurs when you confront these creations. The spirals, like arms of a galaxy, draw you into their hypnotic swirls. And as you move, the light dances, making the experience nothing short of magical. But the “Aureole” collection transcends its function as a lighting element. Rollo Studio has given birth to experimental art pieces that speak the language of luxury and singularity.

Computational Craftsmanship

Born from the union of 3D printing technology and the mystical allure of black sand, these lamps resemble celestial objects from a distant cosmos. They are not merely wall lamps but portals to a futuristic vision where design and art converge.

The Aureole collection defies convention. Each lamp opens doorways to new realms of experimentation. They are designed to be conversation starters, to enhance the spaces they inhabit, and to be the statements of a design ethos that dares to challenge the status quo.

Unboxing the Aureole Lamp

Each order from the Aureole collection is comprehensive, including a quartz sand shade that whispers stories of the earth and a custom-made internal fixture that holds the promise of durability. Accompanied by E27 bulbs, these lamps are ready to install and glow upon arrival.

The inclusion of a Sobremesa cigar with every purchase is not an afterthought but a curated part of the Aureole experience. It suggests a moment of repose, an invitation to contemplate the fusion of art, light, and space that Rollo Studio offers.

The Era of Algorithms – Powered by Nature

Rollo Bryant and his Aureole collection stand at the forefront of a new design era. Through his studio’s work, Rollo demonstrates that the synergy of nature’s beauty and technological advancement is not only possible but necessary for the future of design. Each piece is a silent yet eloquent advocate for a world where our creations and our environment can coexist in harmony.

In the Aureole collection, we witness a story of illumination that is transformative, a journey into the soul of design where every curve, every shadow, and every light is a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s not just about lighting a room; it’s about lighting up the imagination, one piece at a time.

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