Crafting at the Intersection of Art and Functionality: “In Transition” by Lisa Brustolin

With a background in graphic design, the Rotterdam-based designer Lisa Brustolin fosters a approach to furniture design that centres around the play between optics, colours, and shapes. Her final objects are bold as well as functional yet one-of-a-kind.

Indeed, Brustolin’s work is a balanced fusion of function and artistic expression, where each piece is infused with a sense of playfulness and whimsy. Her latest collection, “In Transition”, is a great example of her unique process as it is heavily influenced by a passion for colour study and experimentation.

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The “In Transition” collection is made up of the “Differ Shelf” and “Opticabinet” that are inspired by geometric shapes and bright colors. These objects are designed to be both functional and visually striking, making them a perfect fit for modern interiors. But what really sets Brustolin’s work apart is the way she infuses each piece with a sense of joy and wonder as she aims to establish a personal relationship between object and user.

For Brustolin, furniture is more than just a functional object. It is an opportunity to express her creativity and bring a sense of delight to those who use her pieces. This philosophy is evident in the way she approaches each project with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Throughout her ouevre, Brustolin has applied her extensive research on the interaction of colour in order to create mesmirizing gradients – where hues of blue melt into greens in a visual spectacle. The inspiration behind this intricate and in-depth study of colour interaction and optics, is Josef Albers’ well-known colour studies. By playing with his principles, the “In Transition” furniture manages to break the monotomy of everyday life as each object is imbued with a sense of joy and playfulness.

Lisa Brustolin’s furniture designs are a testament to her creative vision and unique approach to the design process. Her work strikes a perfect balance between form and function. It is clear that she is a designer to watch as she continues to push the boundaries of furniture design.

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With a background both in graphic and product design, Italian-born, Rotterdam based Lisa Brustolin spent years working between graphic design, photography and art direction before having the urge to experiment with another dimension by creating some extravagant furniture that can create a personal relationship with the owners. Her practice explores ways of giving shapes to colors, obtaining different perceptions through patterns and materials in objects that can transform and change behavior depending on the user interaction.

Colors, carefully selected in bold combinations and chosen to interact in specific ways, act as the main shaper of sensations. The results are graphic expressions molded into tridimensional objects, non-static and unconventional characters which enhance the surrounding space, breaking monotony of everyday common spaces.

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