“ChanChàn” by AuchKatzStudio – Lighting the way into a fluid, duo-chromatic world

AuchKatzStudio, a French design studio established in 2017, works to combine art and design in favour of functional art and sculptural design inspired by minerals. Founded by visual artist Elsa Belbacha-Lardy and object designer Thomas Thibout, the studio works at this experimental intersection, creating brightly coloured pieces which make use of their individual artistic strengths.

The duo’s resin-based and 3D printed pieces are often inspired by post-apocalyptic science fiction and future thinking, with each inspiring contemplation on the notion of temporality as well as the intersection between the mineral and organic worlds.

The ChanChàn collection – including the ChanChàn Chandelier – is made up of twelve 3D printed parts. Each piece is covered with a layer of mastic – an aromatic plant resin – which creates a unique, fluid composition. The glossy, duo-chromatic paint plays with the light source, transforming the chandelier into a hanging sculpture to contemplate.

With its textured surface and otherworldly form, it speculates on a future world and is inspired by a Pre-Columbian civilization. The ChanChàn Chandelier is a handmade design and is modelled spontaneously in a virtual matter through 3D printing.

The chandelier is a unique piece produced in three editions, each signed and numbered.

AuchKatzStudio was previously featured in “Matérialité“, a collection curated by Stephen Markos during Paris Design Week in September 2022. For this collection, they presented their “Rubis” and “Jaspe” Stools as well as their “Fomes Fomentariu” Shelf, three pieces which similarly illustrate the studio’s mission to integrate the realms of functional art and sculptural design.

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