Alice Lahana: Exploring the Limits of Craftsmanship with a Multidisciplinary Spirit

Experimenting with matter is essential in my process. It is through this that I grasp the limits of the object and that the idea takes shape.

– Alice Lahana

Alice Lahana is a French designer based in Paris who manufactures each of her pieces by hand in limited editions. She experiments with plaster and wood but also digital methods, such as 3D printing, since she does not want to restrict herself to a single material.

Lahana’s multidisciplinary approach is punctuated by a desire to create a dialogue between artisanal techniques and new technologies, composite materials and raw materials. She thinks of the object as a sculpture with the goal to explore its limits and shape each of its features.

It all started when Lahana studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. During the fourth year of her degree, she moved to São Paulo, Brazil, as part of an exchange programme, where she learned carpentry. This experience turned out to be a career-defining moment for the designer. Upon her return, fascinated by the craft she had acquired, she was inspired to start her own workshop.

Explore the diverse oeuvre of Alice Lahana, consisting of the “Ondulation” mirror, the “Bulle” pitcher, the “Duo” vase and the “Arles” collection, below.

“Ondulation” Mirror

The “Ondulation” mirror gradually takes shape as it is cut. The oak that follows the shape of the mirror is carved with a chisel and then sanded until its surface is as soft as silk. It is available in a light or dark varnish as well as in different sizes – small, medium or large.

“Bulle” Pitcher

The “Bulle” pitcher is made using 3D printing and is available in the colours: blue, white, and transparent. Thanks to PLA filament, made from corn starch, and food-safe coating, it is waterproof and washable. Singular and organic, it can also accommodate a bouquet of flowers or simply stand out among other decorative objects.

“Duo” Vase

The “Duo” vase is the result of a long 3D printing process. It is made of recycled plastic and cornstarch as well as beer for the brown version. Bio-sourced, the filaments used for printing are manufactured by a company from Normandy, Francofil. Thanks to a resin coating, the vase can contain water and be washed.

The vase’s irregular and abstract shape is made of two elements as two bouquets are joined side by side. Its organic form makes it seamlessly blend into any space.

“Arles” Collection

Made entirely by hand, the “Arles” collection consists of a chair, an armchair and a coffee table, all made of French oak. Their construction, as complex as it is minimalist, can be seen as a micro-architecture. They are the result of a long traditional assembly process. As a whole, this collection starts a dialogue between both modern and traditional furniture.

View all pieces by Alice Lahana in her showroom >


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