4 Designers Who Stood Out at Paris Design Week Factory 2021

From 8 – 12 September, Adorno presented its statement collection, “Matérialité”, curated by Stephen Markos at Paris Design Week Factory 2021. It was a great opportunity for the team to see Paris again, reconnect with the French design scene, have an opportunity to meet the designers presented in the collection as well as the very helpful and kind members of the Factory team, and, finally, be introduced to other designers participating at Factory. It was the first time Adorno participated physically in a design event since 2019 and it was refreshing to meet up with old and new friends again – without any strict Zoom agenda. 

As a round-up of Adorno’s visit to Paris, we would like to highlight the practices of four designers and studios who also took part in Factory 2021 – all selected for their unique views on crafts and innovative design processes. We are pleased to introduce…


Designed and produced by Thomas DEFOUR for 13Desserts, Crotto is a series of bookshelves constructed from plywood. The manufacturing process inspired by violin making creates a hollow object, but appears both massive and organic.

13Desserts is an independent design label with a multidisciplinary approach dedicated to the creation, production, and promotion of design pieces. Since its creation in 2020, they have been offering the work of emerging designers and established artists through exhibitions and collections produced in limited editions. All sharing a common aesthetic: « Côte d’Azur ».

Their vision and practices today push them to develop and promote daring creations through collaborations with designers and artisans from various backgrounds. This bias allows them to explore new production avenues and respond to a growing demand for sustainable consumption. Objects and pieces of furniture produced on a human scale are the results of close collaboration between designers, the label, and artisans.

View all works for sale by 13desserts

Waiting For Ideas

No Seat Belt Required is a unique piece inspired by the childhood of its creator, Jean-Baptiste, founder of Waiting For Ideas. A tribute to a childhood shaped by the family legacy of a century in the automotive industry. This handmade piece of furniture is a mix of harmonious curves and sharp angles much like the body of a modern automobile.

The designer, Jean-Baptiste, captures moments through Art and Design with his creative studio Waiting For Ideas. The inspiration comes from an on hold car hood ready to be scrapped. With this project, Jean-Baptiste lets his intuition and emotion guide him to end up with a highly symbolic creation. “This armchair tells the story of my hours spent in the workshop learning how to paint, as well as memories of the family car shop founded by my great-grandfather in 1922” he explains. This piece is an exercise in transforming a technical material into something functional and artistic.

View all works for sale by Waiting for Ideas

Solum Lignum

Solum Lignum is an artist-designer-maker studio formed by Anaïs Mroz and Simon Boullier, whose inspiring ecosystem is set in the heart of the Sologne forest in the center of France.

Imagine a clearing in the shade of century-old oaks: it’s there in Sologne that Anaïs and Simon create the Solum Lignum studio in 2019, as a nod to the natural region that had just opened its doors to them. In a few months, they literally changed their lives and decided that they will spend the next few years here, inventing, creating, making and finding their place in this bubbling ecosystem.

Driven by a constant search for beauty and originality, Anaïs and Simon imagine pieces that are the result of many hours of research and work. Mainly unique pieces or very limited series. Living in harmony with nature, they are concerned about environmental issues and strive to reduce the impact of their works on natural resources.

Browse all works for sale by Solum Lignum

Helder Barbosa

Trained as a craftsman, Helder Barbosa is a designer who lives and works in Paris. Attracted by minimalist shapes, he creates furniture with soft and refined lines, sometimes rough or discontinuous. Attentive to the details of his creations, he uses different materials and their finishes to find the desired rhythm and aesthetic balance. His background in craftsmanship has given him the tools to experiment and push the limits of his technical skills, opening up new creative possibilities. His pieces are made in his workshop where he handles the entire creative process, from design to manufacturing.

In his first and latest collection, Barbosa introduces a bold and playful yet simple language with surprising materials executed through magnificent craftsmanship. His Bourrelet lamps, available in 4 different colors, are made in hand-painted ceramics, folded and molded with soft and generous curves, while his Pool bench is made entirely from fiber-concrete in a rhythmic structure with soft lines.

Browse all works for sale by Helder Barbosa

“Matérialité” – Adorno’s Collection for PWD Factory 2021

As a part of the Factory 2021 lineup, Adorno presented “Matérialité”, a French collection curated by Stephen Markos. “Matérialité” highlights the innovative spirit of young French designers who experiment with material while leveraging their technical prowess. Working within the theme of “desirable development”, Markos has selected a series of pieces that reflect their makers’ deeply personal and unique perspectives on their material of choice. By presenting a diversity of form, the collection aims to stoke desire among a broad set of collectors, in turn growing the market to create a sustainable industry where designers can forge a living through their creativity.

Featuring pieces by AuchKatzStudio, Audrey Guimard & Marie Jeunet, BehaghelFoiny, Dorian Renard, Sabourin Costes, and Wendy Andreu.

View the full collection


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