Curatorial Statement

Waldick Jatoba has chosen thirteen Brazilian designers and studios due to their processes and the diversity of materials they work with. This new wave of makers is unimpressed by trends or an ephemeral avant-garde. Instead, they turn to the basic principles of Lina Bo Bardi’s creative process: the origin, the essence of things, and their purest and deepest truth. Their works have a heartbeat; they release from the inside out; they are born of an internal truth; they are authentic and full of concept.

Contemporary design has changed its axis, it has abandoned the basic concern about form and is, instead, focused on resources and materials and their most diverse possibilities. Plurality, freedom, and emotion are concepts present in all of these creations. These designers have the courage to experiment – they are intuitive – and many of them begin their process by working directly on the object, leaving aside computer-generated drawings and designs.

Form becomes a consequence! Sketch a few drawings and start the process, which is almost always linear. The work is done directly; new meanings and uses are given to everyday materials and objects. They offer a new face and create a new identity. Freedom is the motto, talent is the condition to dare!

In this collection, reclaimed wood, plastic, wool, glass, resins, and metals are used with versatility, humor, and lightness. Furniture and ludic objects are imbued with personality and an aesthetic rigor that often goes beyond function: it transforms them into a focal point and makes it impossible to not appreciate the handmade process.

Curated Pieces


BO Armchair

Giácomo Tomazzi Studio
2.438 incl. VAT

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