Curatorial Statement

While the Belgian design scene can fall back on a rich industrial and artistic heritage, which is still of global importance, an ever-increasing number of designers choose to not only design but also to produce their own pieces. It’s exactly because of this shift that an event such as the Contemporary Design Market could arise, and should be organised in order to support these creative individuals.

As there’s no strong national identity to defend, neither a predominant school to go to, Belgian designers can freely explore their own creativity. This results in a variety of powerful signatures, each reflecting a completely different story. Although the love for natural, often sustainable materials and pure shapes can be seen as a common thread.

Besides, the designers integrate a sensual tactility, whereby the pieces not only appeal to our sight, but also to our sense of touch. In doing so, their creations are an invitation to slow down and to emotionally connect. Their subtle beauty evokes quietness in our turbulent, often digitally driven world.

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Axelle Vertommen
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