Torii Stool
by Ultramar Studio United Kingdom (UK)

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Reminiscent to Torii, the Japanese mythological structure, the Torii Stool by Ultramar Studio, embraces the grand and bold beam work and culture defining roof silhouette of the traditional architecture in the nation.

Constructed with two arched legs joined together with two beams forming the seat, the Torii Stool firmly roots into the ground , anchoring its monolithic presence in any space.

The wood surface is meticulously stained with high quality linseed wood oil, unveiling the mesmerising darkened wood veins alluding the intricate brushstrokes of a traditional Japanese ink painting. Each end of the roof is gilded with aged brass, shimmering golden light that guides you towards the sacred land.

Each piece of furniture is individually numbered and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

-No two pieces of wood are the same; slight variations in wood grain and stain tonality will be present.
-The patination process is unpredictable, and slight variations in the patination pattern may occur.

Materials: Ash Wood and Patinated Brass

The Torii Stool comes in red stained and black stained wood finish.

For other colour wood stain options, please contact us.


Red Stained Wood, Black Stained Wood

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Ultramar Studio is a rising London-based furniture design practice founded by Ewan Lamm. Born and raised in Hong Kong and having lived in London for nearly a decade, Ewan Lamm embraces the amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures, drawing inspiration from both realms for his unique design pieces. Lamm discovered his passion for storytelling and exploring spirituality through furniture design, believing that delving into the tales and lore of diverse cultures allows one to grasp the vastness of our world and foster harmony among its people, paving the way toward global citizenship. Through Ultramar, Ewan Lamm aspires to bridge cultural gaps, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world’s diverse heritage. His designs serve as conduits, weaving together tales and histories, enabling individuals to connect on a profound level. Lamm’s dedication to sharing the beauty and significance of cultural exchange is at the core of Ultramar’s ethos, propelling us toward a more interconnected and harmonious global community. "My passion lies in bridging cultures through the stories and histories woven into my objects," he says. "By sharing these diverse narratives, I hope to cultivate a deeper appreciation for our shared human experience." This vision is reflected in his studio's name, Ultramar. Derived from the Latin words "Ultra" (beyond) and "Mare" (sea), it embodies his background growing up in Hong Kong, a vibrant crossroads shaped by centuries of maritime trade, and his experiences living in London. This rich tapestry of Eastern and Western influences continues to inspire his work and fuels his desire to connect people through the power of storytelling.
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