Ida Lounge Chair
by Mariekke Jansen Netherlands

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The Ida lounge chair is a plush, comfy design with a filling made of 100% virgin wool with a cover made of wool or recycled polyester velvet, entirely produced in the Netherlands. This is a handmade item, so please, allow some deviation in dimensions. Any deviation in dimensions less than 5% is considered acceptable. The soft shape and lines of the item are warm and inviting, but also offer a luxe, Art Deco energy. A soft and inviting addition to a variety of interiors.

Color and shape may vary.

All items are subject to some degree of compression. However, the chair is stuffed densely with wool so they come thicker than advertised and over the first months of use, they compress down to about their advertised thickness.



Azure Blue Green Velvet, Beige Velvet, Brown Wood Velvet, Cognac Velvet, Dark Grey Graphite Velvet, Grey Velvet, Hunter Green Velvet, Indigo Blue Velvet, Red Brick Velvet, Shitake Brown Velvet, Sky Blue, Yellow Gold Velvet

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I am Mariekke Jansen, spelled with a double K. Before designing my chair, I had a business in vintage design furniture called Mariekke Vintage. I decided to add an extra "k" to my name because there were many Marieke Jansens in the Netherlands. I was actually the 6th Marieke Jansen during my interior design studies, and I graduated from the HKU at the same time as another Marieke Jansen. This inspired me because I like to be somewhat unique. I like to choose a different path than most people do. I was not made to obediently go to school until I ended up at the art academy. Here, you were encouraged to do things differently. The more unique and distinctive your own handwriting is, the better. I also realized that becoming an entrepreneur, where I could shape both my work and my life, would suit me best, so I started a business in my first year. I began trading in vintage design furniture, which taught me about entrepreneurship and what constitutes good design. At the art academy, I also discovered my own style. Once I graduated, my business was doing so well that I decided to pursue it full-time. Well, almost full-time, because at that time I also started making plans for my dream house. Years later, when my house was completed, I felt that my business was lacking creativity, so I decided to stop it. At that moment, I completely changed my life. Just before my dream house was finished, I also ended my relationship with my then-partner. Living alone in this dream house was not an option, so we decided to sell the property. t may sound strange, but I didn't shed a tear about it. After all, I had been living temporarily in Amsterdam because I also wanted to live in a city. We sold the house and I bought a campervan. I went from a relationship, a dream house, and my own business to a life where I traveled around Europe in a camper and found a new partner. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to think about a new venture. I wanted to create a new "classic," an lounge chair that would later be considered iconic for this era and innovative. This task seemed extremely challenging because the classics of today are exceptionally well-made, often looking untouched even after many years. However, what often goes wrong is the foam cushions used in the furniture. After about 10 to 15 years, they crumble and need to be replaced. By the end of 2022, everything came together in one sketch: an lounge chair made from waste, meant to last a lifetime and be circular. A wool lounge chair. In the Netherlands, wool has become a waste product because the quality is not good enough for the fashion industry. Wool lasts a lifetime and provides the perfect softness for a chair. To put the wool under tension, similar to what is done with woolen mattresses, I came up with a knot. A cover made of felted wool, filled with only washed wool, which is then folded together, creating tension on the wool on the inside. You can fill the wool in such a way that the backrest is firm and the seat is soft.
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