Serena – Glass & Wood Armchair

by PROSA Brazil

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Today’s world finds itself in a time where it is increasingly important to find the human element in art. In a new reality where artificial intelligence comes to catalyze a process that was already latent—that of the exhaustive reproduction of existing works through reimaginings, revisitations, and reinterpretations—it becomes increasingly challenging to find that factor that makes us different from the machine, that makes us break away from the norm and move towards authenticity. The Serena armchair aims to bring this reflection through the inversion of the roles of structure and covering of an armchair.

Glass is known for its transparency and ability to allow light to pass through. In the context of the armchair, glass becomes a visual metaphor for the idea of the hidden subject, something that is not seen but is present and consequently allows light to shine on the structure of the armchair, which carries within it all the weight of the manual craftsmanship imprinted on the work.

As a result, PROSA created an armchair where all its elements can be seen from all possible perspectives at the same time. An armchair stripped of false pretensions or simplifications, allowing itself to be fully revealed without hiding any detail.

Built through specifically designed joints to bring a sense of lightness, the Serena armchair was entirely handcrafted, without the use of any hardware. The seat and backrest, made of curved, laminated, and tempered glass, rest on solid freijó wood beams manually adapted one by one to achieve greater harmony between the two contrasting materials.

The final composition includes a side table, available in different types of wood and glass, including options like smoked and bronze glass, made from a single 12mm sheet, curved and tempered, bringing even more lightness to the final composition of the piece.

Extra clear 12mm tempered glass + solid wood

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Prosa is dedicated to the research and development of solid wood furniture. The studio uses classic naval carpentry techniques for the execution of its furniture, where strength and durability meet curves and organic shapes. Our curved pieces are steam bent, our joinery are traditional and at all stages the craftsman dialogs carefully with the wood grains to decide the cutting directions. Our products are made thinking about nature, the people who inhabit it and the future of the interaction between both. Our creative process is organic: on the way to materializing the shapes of the drawings, we stop at each step to observe the materials we use, how they behave, how they look, how they respond to our action. Throughout all the stages we give ourselves the freedom to change ways, to disrespect the design, give chance an opportunity and accept its risks. Often our mistakes are the source of our best ideas. We are not bound by any method or rule. For us, organic creation is only possible when we are open to possibilities that do not present themselves, but happen. It is only possible by taking the most difficult paths and trusting that it is precisely the difficulty that generates the best ideas.
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