Geppetto | Side Table/Stool

by STACKLAB Canada

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Estimated production time: 14 weeks

Dimension LxWxH (cm): 31x31x48
Limited Editions Material : Cast Red Bronze
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“Geppetto”, intended for use as a stool or side table, is a single sculptural casting of solid red bronze with an opening in the top that acts as an ergonomic carrying handle.

“Geppetto” contemporizes and optimizes the classic three-legged stool that the eponymous elderly woodcarver sits on in Carlo Collodi’s 1883 fairy-tale novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, which in turn spurred the 1940 Disney film.

The stool’s shape was arrived at through an extensive iterative, parametric modelling process that tested variables such as leg taper, leg angle, and seat thickness. Proportions were optimized to create the object with the lightest weight and highest performance that could be cast as a single, balanced piece.

The stool’s red-bronze material is a custom alloy based on phosphor bronze with an unusually high copper content. The augmented copper helps limit porosity, increase molten flow in the narrow mould profile, and is also more resistant to corrosion – making the stool suitable for use indoors and out. In either location, the stool will slowly develop a subtle patina.

Honouring central-eastern Canada’s manufacturing heritage, “Geppetto” was cast in sand – the same process used to produce machine parts for heavy industry. The sand-casting process produces faintly perceptible irregularities that enhance Geppetto’s tactile appeal. The base has a peened finish; the top is available in a mirror polished finish.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 55 cm
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About the designer

STACKLAB is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. Through its products and projects, the studio aims to provoke meaningful discourse about our ways of living. Founded by Jeff Forrest in 2013, STACKLAB is known for its innovative blend of design, tech and circular manufacturing. Rather than work backwards from the desired output, such as a new chair or a home, the team applies a diverse set of skills and perspectives to problems worth solving. With a particular passion for the challenges facing regional manufacturing, the studio believes that the key to smarter, more efficient and better-for-the-environment living is its signature systems-based approach. Taking inspiration from the technology ‘stack’, which leverages existing technologies, infrastructures and skills to create iterative, holistic solutions, STACKLAB’s regional network of experts in science and craft enables cross-pollination throughout the process. Oftentimes with the aid of an algorithm, every step is optimized to ensure it does the maximum with the minimum; opening up opportunities for material upcycling, waste reduction and alternate scenarios for reuse. STACKLAB strongly believes in design as a vehicle for critical thinking. The team approaches every problem without bias toward a particular method or medium to maintain its focus on impact. Their output might therefore be described as a container for new ideas; the result of a rigorous process in pursuit of the best solution.

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