Flow — Stainless Steel Side Table

by Primitive Buro Argentina

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Flow is an exceptional side table from Primitive Buro, envisioned under the unique concept of balancing both the occupied and empty spaces. In designing Flow, the focus was on the art of subtraction, skillfully removing parts to forge a distinct and memorable silhouette. The ambition was to craft not just a piece of furniture but a fusion of artistic sculpture and functional design.

Primitive Buro, the creative force behind Flow, is a vibrant collective led by designers Nikita Gorshkov and Alexandra Ivanets. Bound by a shared passion for art, avant-garde design, and innovative materials, their work stands at the intersection of artistic expression and practicality. Their approach seamlessly blends digital and traditional handcrafting methods, resulting in a range of unique collectibles and limited-edition items. Each handcrafted piece is meticulously developed in their Buenos Aires-based studio.

At the heart of Primitive Buro’s philosophy is the belief that furniture and interior objects transcend their utilitarian purpose, serving as a canvas for artistic expression. They embody our emotions and visions, transforming spaces into living art. The Flow side table is a testament to this belief, offering a statement piece that enriches any space with its presence.

The structure is made of 6 mm thick stainless steel.
It is a mono-piece. The dimensions of the table are 250×450 mm.
Laser cut. Polished manually.

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Primitive Buro, a dynamic and young design collective, was established by the visionary designers Nikita Gorshkov and Alexandra Ivanets. This innovative team is united by a profound passion for art, a drive for radical and groundbreaking design, and an unending curiosity in exploring new materials. At the heart of their creative process lies the unique blend of digital and traditional manual production techniques. This fusion results in an exceptional array of unique collectibles and limited production items, each bearing the distinct hallmark of their creative ethos. Their work, characterized by its originality and craftsmanship, is brought to life in their Buenos Aires-based studio. Here, every item created by hand is not just crafted but carefully elaborated with meticulous attention to detail and quality. The studio serves as a crucible where artistic ideas are forged into tangible objects. Primitive Buro holds a deep-seated belief that furniture and interior objects go beyond mere functionality. To them, these pieces are embodiments of art, capable of conveying profound emotions and visions. They see their creations as more than just objects occupying physical space; they are mediums through which stories, feelings, and artistic expressions are communicated. This belief is reflected in every piece they create, making each one unique and more than just a part of the décor. It's this philosophy that drives them to continually push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship, ensuring that every creation is not just an item of utility but a piece of art that resonates with the emotional and aesthetic aspirations of those who cherish it.
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