Contemporary Vanity Stool 01

by Six Dots Design United Kingdom (UK)

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Limited edition of 20 stools made from laser-cut aluminum. Each piece is handmade by artist and designer Joseph Ellwood. Each stool is numbered and marked for authenticity.

“Contemporary Vanity” is the first collection from British designer Joseph Ellwood, under the company name: Six Dots Design. This five-piece collection made from raw finished, laser-cut aluminum was launched in the summer of 2022. Since the release of the collection Joseph has been named one of 10 ‘Future Icons’ in design by Wallpaper* magazine, collaborated with the luxury brand Rimowa, making the ‘contemporary suitcase’, and embarked on numerous exciting projects for 2023. The Contemporary Vanity collection asks the question: What should the furniture of the future be? Each piece from the collection is made from raw finished aluminum, a material that can be readily reused and recycled. This recyclability, coupled with new low-carbon cathode technologies, makes aluminum a sustainably plausible material for the future. The aesthetic of the collection aims to challenge and disrupt the mid-century norms of furniture today. I have taken inspiration from the likes of Perriand and Prouvé and distorted their pieces to create a body of work that relates to our current generation. The lives we live today are fluid in gender, identity, expression, and thought. This collection represents this confusion, indecision, and anxiety in a whimsical and endearing way. This collection aims to question what it means to reflect your identity through the objects surrounding you.

Each of our pieces is hand made to order, therefore slight variation from object to object can be expected.

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Six Dots Design is a multidisciplinary design studio located in the vibrant heart of London, founded by the visionary artist and designer, Joseph Ellwood, in 2020. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for design, architecture, and the allure of beautiful objects, Joseph embarked on this creative journey, culminating in the birth of Six Dots Design. At its core, Six Dots Design aspires to infuse love into the objects that inhabit our daily lives. The studio firmly believes that exemplary design not only fulfills its intended function but also serves as an enduring wellspring of inspiration to all who encounter it. This profound ethos serves as the guiding principle behind every creation at Six Dots Design. Joseph Ellwood's design practice is illuminated by his inaugural collection, "Contemporary Vanity," unveiled in the summer of 2022. This captivating five-piece collection, meticulously crafted from raw, laser-cut aluminum, represents a bold step into the realm of modern design. The collection's launch catapulted Joseph into the spotlight, earning him recognition as one of Wallpaper* magazine's esteemed 'Future Icons' in design. Since the collection's debut, Joseph's creative journey has led him to prestigious collaborations, including a visionary partnership with the renowned luxury brand Rimowa, resulting in the creation of the 'contemporary suitcase.' With a dynamic array of exciting projects in the making, Joseph's visionary designs continue to shape the art of furniture-making.
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