Asymmetrical Alder Coffee Table

by Szostak Atelier Poland

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The asymmetrical Coffee Table from Szostak Atelier is a dynamic piece that exudes grace and elegance that will elevate any space it’s placed in.

Crafted entirely from wood, this closed and hollow form is composed of two pyramid-shaped elements connected at the top with varying angles of plane inclination, ranging from 15 to 50 degrees. The larger pyramid serves as the table’s top, while the smaller one acts as a leg, giving it a unique and eye-catching look.

The table’s construction involves multiple layers of plywood, ranging from 12 to 18mm in thickness, covered with a thick layer of alder measuring 2mm. The final finishing touches are completed with 5-10 layers of hard wax oil, giving the table a lustrous and durable finish.

Every aspect of the table is entirely handmade, adding to its uniqueness and charm. The non-central means of balancing the various angles of this sculpture/table further adds to its artistry.

The outer wood layer is customisable to your preferences, making it an ideal fit for any interior decor style. It comes without pads, hard floor pads can be added on request.

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Witold Szostak, inspired by his father who was an architect, studied architecture at Cracow University of Technology, however his huge passion for creating objects and a close work with various materials led him to become a designer and a craftsman. Witold’s creative narrative behind each creation is a subject of immense interest and intrigue. His proficiency to work with different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, different types of wood as well as ceramic, glass fiber, leather and concrete is distinctly visible in his designs and offers him a broader perspective to create unique handcrafted items that are very artisanal and functional. What Witold finds most fascinating about craftsmanship and what you can definitely observe in his works might be explained by his favourite quotation by J. Archer: “If you ever come across a piece of pottery that is perfect, you can be confident that it was produced by a machine. With pottery, you must seek near perfection. If you look carefully enough, you will always find some slight blemish that serves to remind us that the piece was crafted by a human hand. The longer you have to search, the greater the craftsman, for it was only Giotto who was able to draw the perfect circle.” Near perfection is perfection itself when it comes to handmade items, claims Witold. In parallel to one-of-a-kind objects Szostak Atelier is currently working on small batch production products made in cooperation with manufacturers across Poland.
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