EXHIBITION | Experience VOYAGE at “Created in Slovenia”

The journey continues! “VOYAGE“, a Slovenian collection curated by Anja Radović and Urška Krivograd, of the Centre for Creativity (CzK) and Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)‘s Biennial of Design/BIO27, has made its way from its digital home into the physical world.

First presented on ADORNO in June 2021, the “VOYAGE” collection can now be experienced in person at the “Created in Slovenia” exhibition hosted at Cukrarna Palace in Ljubljana, Slovenia, open 27 May – 2 October 2022. The exhibition is a celebration of and look back at the first period of operation for the Centre for Creativity – an interdisciplinary platform established by the Museum of Architecture and Design aimed at the development and promotion of the cultural and creative sector in Slovenia. Featuring a selection of the Centre’s most prominent programmes over the last five years, it “provides an insight into the work and projects of the Slovenian creative community as they change the domestic and international landscape, creating a different, inclusive, and sustainable future”.

Photo credit: Klemen Ilovar

Through the work of eleven established and emerging makers, “VOYAGE” drew attention to how our relationships to home and the objects we surround ourselves with have changed over the last few years. Whether playful, spiritual, contemplative, or purely functional, the selected pieces told a range of stories about the investigation of processes, materials, forms, functions, and aesthetics.

Curators Radović and Krivograd were inspired by Xavier de Maistre’s 1790 novel, “A Journey Around My Room”, in which the author makes the best of a 42 day confinement by exploring and documenting his room as a travel journal. Their selection reflected the ways in which our homes took on a variety of functions – work space, gym, school, decompression zone – and how our home objects had to accommodate these needs. “The fact is that we cannot rely on the outside world to make us happy and that nurturing our homes, our bodies, and our minds at all times is what makes the necessary foundations for a prosperous life,” they explained in our interview last summer. “Therefore, surrounding ourselves with collectible items that keep us excited and inspired is what we should all be aiming for”.

“VOYAGE” features work by Brajak Vitberg, David TavčarGašper KunšičKobeiagi Kilims, Kolektiv DVA, Nana Wolke, NaturamortaNejc PrahNuša Jelenec & Nina Mršnik, and Rok Oblak.

3D renders by DA GHORABEKA | © ADORNO

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Experience VOYAGE in person at “Created in Slovenia” at Cukrarna Palace, Ambrožev trg 3, Ljubljana, running from 27 May – 2 October 2022, Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and shop the collection online ADORNO.

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