Curatorial Statement

The concept for this collection is based on the book A Journey Around My Room, written by Xavier de Maistre in 1790. Placed in confinement for 42 days, de Maistre made the best of his isolation by exploring and documenting the room as a travel journal. Translating this idea into a contemporary context – albeit the number of days in our case is already turning into years – curators Anja Radović and Urška Krivograd show how, by having to turn our homes into hybrid spaces, we have embarked on a journey within our apartments, houses, balconies, and backyards. By adapting our living spaces and adjusting them to suit a vast variety of needs that we would normally accommodate elsewhere, these spaces have inevitably become our offices, restaurants, cafés, gyms, schools, party places, and everything between. For it is important to remember what it is that makes an individual’s journey through his or her living space a fun and enjoyable experience, one that enriches the imagination and promotes wellbeing. This present collection combines a selection of contemporary design objects that do just that.

The selected objects tell a range of stories about the investigation of processes, materials, forms, functions, and aesthetics. In rethinking the kinds of relationships we have with objects, designers are putting increasing emphasis on the making, by being involved in every aspect of the production with a hands-on approach and developing their own tools or processes for their small-scale limited editions.

The curated selection of Slovenian collectible designs was created as a collaboration between Center for Creativity and the upcoming Biennial of Design/BIO27, both under the auspices of MAO/Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

“The fact is that we cannot rely on the outside world to make us happy and that nurturing our homes, our bodies, and our minds at all times is what makes the necessary foundations for a prosperous life. Therefore, surrounding ourselves with collectible items that keep us excited and inspired is what we should all be aiming for…” – Anja Radović & Urška Krivograd, co-curators