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In the world of interior design and home furnishing, tables occupy a unique and enchanting space. Beyond their practical utility, they stand as canvases for craftsmanship, sculptures of style, and portals to the past. Each table, from the elegant simplicity of a minimalist coffee table to the intricate beauty of an retro dining masterpiece, tells a story. It whispers the designer’s vision, and invites us into a realm where function dances harmoniously with artistry. Join us on this journey as we delve into the captivating world of tables. Watch form meet function in a discourse of design that transcends the ordinary and elevates the everyday to the extraordinary.

Sponge Coffee Table by Calen Knauf Studio

Assuming the weight and texture of an object to later find out it is nothing like what you expected is a surprising and pleasant occurrence. The “Sponge” Table made by Aluminum hopes to achieve this for its observers.

SUMATRA BRONZE V2 Low Tables by Simone Fanciullacci

Sumatra V2 is a 21st-century side table made by Italian artisans in cast bronze with a light brown patina with an extraordinary Botticino Classico marble plane.


Nature never repeats herself. The Travertine has natural veins and patterns that vary from table to table.

“Marbled Salts” Low Tables by Roxane Lahidji Company

Artistic Tables
©Roxane Lahidji Company

Coal powder and the natural colour variations in salt mimic the aesthetics of expensive natural stone such as marble.

Flying Saucer Coffee Table by Duffy London Ltd

©Duffy London Ltd

The Retro Inspired, Maximalist Flying Saucer” Coffee Table in by Duffy London combines vibrant pop colours and patterns in nostalgia-drenched.

Cubo by Studio Edoardo Lietti

©Studio Edoardo Lietti

This Bauhaus side table optimizes the use of space with the possibility of extending the height of the top and at the same time personalizing it with loved objects and books.

Mistral Dining Table by Studio Bazazo

© Studio Bazazo

The minimalistMistral Dining Table” plays on the contrast of heavy and light. With a prominent split down the center of the table, the top floats on either side of its monumental base, giving an airy feel to an otherwise solid material.

“Marbled Salts” Tako Tsubo Tables by Roxane Lahidji Company

Tables Design
© Roxane Lahidji Company

 With “Marbled Salts”, Roxane Lahidji explores new possibilities, reinventing salt as a sustainable design material.

Rose Gea Tables – Soulmate Collection by Martina Guandalini 

Tables Design
© Martina Guandalini

The “Rose Gea Table” is entirely handmade, so each piece will always be unique. It can be customized in many different colors. The shades of colors will match while the texture will always vary in each item, creating a unique object for each client.

Stricta – Tables Made of Lava Stone by CMX | Carpintería México

© CMX | Carpintería México

At the core of this remarkable dining table is the volcanic stone monolith, expertly shaped to showcase its raw and distinctive beauty. Each piece of volcanic stone carries its own unique markings and textures, adding a touch of natural allure to the table’s design.

Wooden Side Table by Project 213A

Tables Design
© Project 213A

This Boho Chic wooden side table is crafted from one solid piece of Chestnut wood that has been force-dried to reinforce the natural texture and colouring of the wood.

EM110 Sculptural Cocktail Coffee Tables by Eero Moss

© Eero Moss

The table’s minimalist aesthetic and clean lines provide a modern touch, creating the perfect balance of form and function.

Tavoli Che Camminano Table No. 1 y Ludovico Grantaliano

Unique Tables
© Ludovico Grantaliano

Tavoli che camminano (Walking tables) is a series of small tables, of different dimensions, entirely made of powder-coated steel.

Pink Slime Side Tables by Gustavo Barroso

© Gustavo Barroso

A creative blend of reclaimed materials like wood, cardboard, papier-mâché, joint compound, and dyed epoxy, redefines furniture as art.

Reclaimed Tornillo Wood Coffee Tables by Studio ORYX

Unique Tables
© Studio ORYX

Reclaimed wood and wood leftovers converted into a beautiful one-of-a-kind set of coffee tables with a metal structure and an Odie’s oil finish.

Alentejo Coffee Tables by Project 213A

© Project 213A

This Chestnut coffee table has a organic and symmetric shaped table top made from locally sourced travertine stone.

“Four Elements” Pedestal by Kajsa Melchior 

Unique Tables
© Kajsa Melchior

The Brutalist  “Four Elements” Pedestal is sculpted in sand using pressure from air, water, and the human body. Developed in Acrystal, a water-based acrylic resin, and coloured by coal.

ENVO Side Tables by Studio Mohs

© Studio Mohs

The stone layers lead to a functional purpose while creating support fora Minimalistic side table. The geometric sculptural form of this furniture provides small storage coming from its design.

ASIDO V1 Low Table by Simone Fanciullacci 

Original Tables
© Simone Fanciullacci

Made entirely of oak, Asido V1 represents the elegance of 21st-century Italian manufacturing, the experience and the savoir-faire of our woodworkers.

À Table by Project 213A 

©Project 213A

Project213a creates an asymmetric table top standing on five oval legs. Each segment is carved from an individual piece of cherry wood to showcase the natural flow and texture of the wood with hand-carved detailing.

Primario Table by Studio H.Fernandez

© Studio H.Fernandez

Polished Brutalist steel table with raw volcanic stone legs. Variation of color or texture is expected in natural materials.

Abyss Horizon Coffee Table, 2023 edition by Duffy London Ltd

Original Tables
© Duffy London Ltd

Duffy casts an eye downwards – with a captivating modern coffee table design. A deep, turquoise-blue Abyss appears to float effortlessly above free space.

“Marbled Salts” Nimbus Low Table by Roxane Lahidji Company 

© Roxane Lahidji Company

This table utilizes coal powder and the natural colour variations in salt mimic the aesthetics of expensive natural stone such as marble.

Olo Nightstand Sculptural Side Table by Panorammma Atelier

©Panorammma Atelier

Rings of blue calcite, pink marble, black marble and green onyx tower to create Olo Nightstand by Panorammma Atelier; a piece meticulously hand-sculpted from stones endemic to Mexico.

The Stalactite Side Table by Studio ORYX

Wood Tables
© Studio ORYX

A truly one-of-a-kind piece. Consist of 100% wooden leftovers, all reclaimed materials.

Brutante F – Brutantes by Fi

© Fi

BRUTANTES Presents a series of functional sculptural objects created from the mixture, abstraction and transmutation between everyday artefacts and brutalism, in conjunction with the underlying intention of creating a utilitarian object.

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