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In a world leaning towards sustainable living, upcycled designs gain prominence, offering eco-friendly alternatives without compromising style. Here at Adorno.Design, we bring forth a collection of tables, chairs, lamps, and vases meticulously crafted from recycled plastic, upcycled wool, and various upcycled materials. Infused with aesthetic philosophies like Boho Chic, Maximalism, and Coastal, each piece is a statement in upcycling – resonating with environmentally conscious elegance in every living room or bedroom it graces. Discover the beauty and potential of upcycled Shamwows and other sustainable designs within our curated selection.

Upcycled Flying Saucer Coffee Table by Duffy London Ltd

The Retro Inspired, MaximalistFlying Saucer” Coffee Table in by Duffy London combines vibrant pop colours and patterns in nostalgia-drenched.

Upcycled Toasted Brick Stool by Toasted furniture

Made in limited colors, this Boho Chic stool is one of a kind.

Charlie Chair Ocean | Toddler Chair by ecoBirdy

Recycled Plastic Chairs

Recycled pieces of plastic toys are clearly recognizable and make up the distinctive speckled Coastal look

Recycled Mabo Plate Sesame, Set of 6 by ecoBirdy

Upcycled Designs

Made from entirely recycled plastic food containers, the Coastal Mabo plate looks as if it is made from marble.

Upcycled Yucca by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

©IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Recycled felt basket with leather tag.

Recycled Rhino Lamp Vanilla by ecoBirdy

Upcycled Sustainable Lamps

The recycled plastic Rhino Lamp has a smooth and delicate shape that matches with any indoor or outdoor decorations.

Upcycled Wood Floor Lamp by Studio ORYX

Upcycled Wood Lamps
©Studio ORYX

This beautiful Boho Chic floor standing lamp consist of reclaimed wood and metal structure.

Tasman Recycled Glass Platters by Sophie Rowley

Recycled Glass
©Sophie Rowley

A material made from molten waste glass, Coastal Tasman Glass simulates an aesthetic known from nature. Inspired by the landscape in which the designer grew up.

“Component” Vase by Murilo Weitz

Upcycled Vase Designs
©Murilo Weitz

The “Component” collection is comprised of a set of four recycled ceramic vases with a focus in sustainability, made of leftovers from the ceramic industry.

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You have journeyed through the innovative world of upcycled sustainable designs with Adorno.Design. The unique tables, chairs, lamps, and vases encountered are just the beginning. Continue to explore and embrace more eco conscious creations that encapsulate refined aesthetics and responsible design. Enrich every space with sustainable elegance.

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