Adorno Editorial: Profiles

Featuring curators and designers featured on Adorno. Exploring and contextualizing the best contemporary design. Bringing the best of the local to the global stage.

Tornasol Studio:
Bridging Functional Design with Playful Aesthetics

“The common denominator of all our designs is desire. Almost everything we do comes from very concrete concepts or gestures, details and experiences that we gather from our environment and translate into everyday objects. We seek to transmit those sensations through design.” – Inés Llasera & Guillermo Trapiello of Tornasol Studio View all of Tornasol…

Faissal El-Malak:
Intersections of Textile & Clay

“Conceptually, these pieces represent the notion of colourful, traditional craft acting as the very pillar that shapes the space and buttresses it to be a functional vessel. Together, these elements form a symbiotic balance between aesthetics and functionality.” – Faissal El-Malak View Faissal El-Malak’s works, including the “Spool“ Vase. The Palestinian design scene can be…

Ragna Ragnarsdóttir:
An Exploration of Material, Technique, & Tradition

“Through many errors, failures and a messy library of material testing, I sometimes find something new and exciting in-between my mess. I have to trust a lot in my embodied and subconscious knowledge and let activity and acquaintance drive me.” – Ragna Ragnarsdóttir View Ragna Ragnarsdóttir’s works, including “Coral Vase“. With connections to the country’s…

The Lél Collection:
Cultural Preservation & Personal Healing through Craft

“[We] see our work both as an act of the preservation of an ancient cultural tradition as well as a healing mechanism, a way to sustain belief in that which is older than (and transcends) the devastation wreaked by the region’s sustained conflict, war, and migration.” – Meherunnisa Asad, Creative Director of Lél Collection View…

Maintaining Authenticity through Continuity

“It is our duty, both for designers and artisans, to push craftsmanship to new horizons in order to keep it a tradition and not a mise-en-scène of archaic manufacturing processes…” – Aldo Alvarez-Tostado of Piedrafuego View Piedrafuego’s works, including the “‘Tzom’ Planters” As mentioned in our interview with Ayres MX, Mexico’s design scene has fostered…