Adorno Editorial: Profiles

Featuring curators and designers featured on Adorno. Exploring and contextualizing the best contemporary design. Bringing the best of the local to the global stage.

Duyi Han:
Investigating Psychological Depth Through a Perceptual “artBnB” Apartment

“I see collectible design objects as artifacts or devices that record human cultural history. They are a contemporary continuation of the historic cultural objects you see in a museum.” – Duyi Han All images courtesy of Atelier Duyi Han View Duyi Han’s showroom, including the “Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment” collection With a practice comprised…

Christian + Jade:
Encouraging Valuable Interactions through Intentional Design

“Instead of consistently working within a specific form or function, we seek to communicate the changes that we see in the world and our own behaviours through techniques and materialities that best convey and challenge it.” – Christian + Jade All images courtesy of the designers.   View Christian + Jade’s showroom, including “Gathering Heat”…