Adorno Editorial: Profiles

Featuring curators and designers featured on Adorno. Exploring and contextualizing the best contemporary design. Bringing the best of the local to the global stage.

Christian + Jade:
Encouraging Valuable Interactions through Intentional Design

“Instead of consistently working within a specific form or function, we seek to communicate the changes that we see in the world and our own behaviours through techniques and materialities that best convey and challenge it.” – Christian + Jade All images courtesy of the designers.   View Christian + Jade’s showroom, including “Gathering Heat”…

Tornasol Studio:
Bridging Functional Design with Playful Aesthetics

“The common denominator of all our designs is desire. Almost everything we do comes from very concrete concepts or gestures, details and experiences that we gather from our environment and translate into everyday objects. We seek to transmit those sensations through design.” – Inés Llasera & Guillermo Trapiello of Tornasol Studio View all of Tornasol…