Adorno Editorial: Profiles

Featuring curators and designers featured on Adorno. Exploring and contextualizing the best contemporary design. Bringing the best of the local to the global stage.

Ragna Ragnarsdóttir:
An Exploration of Material, Technique, & Tradition

“Through many errors, failures and a messy library of material testing, I sometimes find something new and exciting in-between my mess. I have to trust a lot in my embodied and subconscious knowledge and let activity and acquaintance drive me.” – Ragna Ragnarsdóttir View Ragna Ragnarsdóttir’s works, including “Coral Vase“. With connections to the country’s…

The Lél Collection:
Cultural Preservation & Personal Healing through Craft

“[We] see our work both as an act of the preservation of an ancient cultural tradition as well as a healing mechanism, a way to sustain belief in that which is older than (and transcends) the devastation wreaked by the region’s sustained conflict, war, and migration.” – Meherunnisa Asad, Creative Director of Lél Collection View…

IRTHI x Adorno:
Announcing Crafts Dialogue & Design Labs

“These two initiatives have brought together people from across the world that are masters at what they do and has, in a sense, decontextualised them, giving them a platform to converse, design, collaborate, and be challenged.” – Farah Nasri, Assistant Manager – Curation & Design for Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council Adorno is pleased to announce…

Maintaining Authenticity through Continuity

“It is our duty, both for designers and artisans, to push craftsmanship to new horizons in order to keep it a tradition and not a mise-en-scène of archaic manufacturing processes…” – Aldo Alvarez-Tostado of Piedrafuego View Piedrafuego’s works, including the “‘Tzom’ Planters” As mentioned in our interview with Ayres MX, Mexico’s design scene has fostered…

Gaspard Graulich at Crossovers:
Exploring Design’s Cultural Landscapes

“I don’t want to express my feelings; I want my objects to make people feel their own”  – Gaspard Graulich   “Prélèvement” N.8 & N.1. All images courtesy of the artist.  View Gaspard Graulich’s works, Prélèvement, in the French Collection for Crossovers.  Many of the writings and conversations here on Adorno Editorial are centered around…

Studio Plastique at Crossovers:
Searching for Answers within the Plastic Arts

“As a society, we are not only disconnecting from our natural environment, we are also alienated from what we consume” – Studio Plastique View Studio Plastique’s Out of the Woods series presented in the Belgian Collection at Crossovers.  The Plastic Arts is a term that originally defined any physical manipulation made by humans to shape…