"O Clock" by WOUT WOLF

From the perspective of Dutch designer Wout Wolf, it is crucial to understand the way we value the objects we surround ourselves with, as they exist as indicators for the way we connect with others, an important aspect of leading a meaningful life.
“In a physical reality which gets overshadowed by the digital realm, it is hard to value the objects and experiences which we surround ourselves with”
In all of his objects, Wolf strives to create experiences whose sole purpose is to connect the user with the current moment, the now. He believes that our increasingly secular society tends to forget the traditional aspects of religion which have proven to be beneficial for both our mental and our physical health; this includes objects of simple beauty and of ritual, which he believes are fundamental to healthy consciousness.
An example of this perspective is the “O Clock”:
An object that tracks the passing of time through color. Every hour has its own color, so the moment that a full cycle of colors has passed and the circle is full marks the passage of one hour. Mimicking the way trees grow from the inside out, the subsequent hour on “O Clock” originates at the inside of the circle and grows outwards. Whereas a traditional clock displays every one of the 1,440 minutes in a day, “O Clock” simply displays one hour, in a visual representation of “the now,” allowing people be present in the now without having to think about the past or future.

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