7 Highlights to see at Greenhouse – Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair has long been a beacon for emerging design talents, offering a unique platform to showcase their innovative creations. The 2024 edition of Greenhouse continues this tradition, presenting a blend of familiar faces and talented newcomers, all united in their passion for design and creativity. This year’s fair is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the future of design, with each exhibitor bringing their own distinct flavor to the table. Let’s have a look at seven talents we are looking forward to seeing more from.

7 Highlights of Greenhouse | Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

Abstract Formations by Ia Kutateladze - Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

1. Abstract Formations by Ia Kutateladze

Kutateladze’s sculptural ceramic chairs, part of the ‘Abstract Formations‘ collection, challenge conventional design norms. The Formation chair, with its rotational design creating three unique variations, exemplifies the beauty of merging form and function in design.

Malva Office at Stockholm Furniture Fair

2. Malva Office at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Founded by Jose Cortés, Malva Office is a testament to the elegance of a paused design process. With a background enriched by experiences with renowned architects, Cortés’ work spans furniture and lighting design, marked by a pursuit of aesthetic sustainability.

3. ‘Passaic’ Table by Edvin Klasson

3. ‘Passaic’ Table by Edvin Klasson

Edvin Klasson, the Oslo-based designer we previously featured in our “Re-new Generation Collection”, brings his understanding of symbolism and cultural heritage into his designs. The ‘Passaic’ side table embodies a blend of historical significance and contemporary aesthetics.

4. Gestalt Studios

4. Gestalt Studios

The Auckland-based multidisciplinary Gestalt studio showcases the Kit Stool, a versatile piece that doubles as a side table and stool. Their approach to design is rooted in creating spaces and simple objects that celebrate interaction.

5. Zapped by FAKT

5. Zapped by FAKT

FAKT‘s lightning bolt bench, ‘Zapped,’ is a striking representation of creativity and craftsmanship. This unique object handcrafted in Stockholm reflects the studio’s commitment to producing one-of-a-kind pieces.

5. Zapped by FAKT


Crafted from Birch Veneer and steel tubing, the Siipi Chair by Dain DD is a marvel of furniture design, balancing the dualities of form and function, and furniture and sculpture.

7. MoCollection (Max Orenstein)

7. MoCollection (Max Orenstein)

The Brooklyn-based design studio offers a range of custom and standard furniture, reflecting Orenstein’s self-taught expertise in woodworking, metalworking, and 3D modeling.

The Jury of Greenhouse 2024

The jury for Greenhouse 2024 comprises a diverse group of industry experts, each bringing a unique perspective to the selection process:

Anya Sebton: An award-winning designer and interior architect, Sebton is an alumnus of Beckmans College of Design with works featured in prestigious locations. She chairs the Greenhouse jury.

Jennifer Gröhn: As the Project Manager of Greenhouse, Gröhn brings extensive experience in managing design and inspiration exhibitions.

Shane Schneck: The founder of Office for Design in Stockholm, Schneck is an architect and industrial designer known for his innovative approach and numerous awards.

Marcia Harvey Isaksson: Focused on exhibition architecture, Harvey Isaksson’s expertise lies in textile materials and techniques. She also runs Fiberspace, showcasing fiber art and design.

Kristoffer Fagerström: As a designer and partner at NOTE, Fagerström’s extensive background in product and furniture design has contributed to NOTE’s multiple awards.

Björn Florman: The Creative Project Manager at the Materials Library, Florman’s expertise in material knowledge and sustainability is invaluable for contemporary design.

Greenhouse 2024 at Stockholm Furniture Fair stands as a testament to the evolving world of design, nurturing new talents and introducing fresh perspectives to the global design community. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a journey through the minds of tomorrow’s design leaders.

From left: Kajsa Melchior, Fabian Bergmark Näsman and Nick Ross

Älvsjö Gård moving inside the Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Älvsjö Gård section is set to showcase an eclectic mix of experimental and limited-edition designs, highlighting the intersection between small-scale craftsmanship and industrial design. This year, the exhibit will move from the house into the main fair. So, who will show at Älvsjö Gård?

  • Barcelona-based Side Gallery with statement pieces from their contemporary collection.
  • Artist Fabian Bergmark Näsman, known for his work that merges natural and supernatural elements.
  • Designer Nick Ross presenting new work in his ‘Primitive Arrangements’ series.
  • Gustav Winsth and Alexander Lervik, debuting a collaboration that integrates virtual reality into the design process.
  • Jenny Nordberg, always bringing her unique explorative designs.
  • Carsten in der Elst, a German designer whose ‘Graywacke Offcut’ series, exclusive to Side Gallery, will be showcased in Sweden for the first time.

This section will also feature works from esteemed Adorno member Kajsa Melchior, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of design through her sand cast creations and unique expression.

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February 5, 2024 – February 11, 2024

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