10 Best Artistic Floor Lamps For Sale In 2023

Lighting objects are an integral element of any space. Beyond their simple function of providing us with light, lamps of all sorts lend themselves to transforming our interiors. Especially, unique floor lamps are ideal to highlight corners in our homes that deserve more love and attention. By embracing their functionality and aesthetic potential, artistic floor lamps are an intriguing way to bring attitude to a space. If you are looking for an investment piece, or a functional artwork to provide a distinct character and a sense of quality, look no further. Below, we have gathered our 2023 shortlist of the best sculptural artistic floor lamps from leading independent artists across the globe.

“Rare Cacti” by MADAME Architects

© Madame Architects

“Rare Cacti” are a special mixture of light and minerals that form monolithic photon-emitting rocks. The stability of the object is ensured as the gradient of the mixture mass increases towards the base. With a variety of different elastic shapes and mineral mixtures, the effect ranges from translucent rock to pure light.

“Açafrão & Urucum” Floor Lamp by Cultivado em Casa

© Cultivado em Casa

This project was born inside Mercado Novo, filled with aromas, colours and flavours – a cultural and historical point of the studio’s city, Belo Horizonte. The designers chose saffron and annatto to translate the striking aspects of this place. Working in combination with paper and glue, these natural pigments resulted in the “Açafrão & Urucum” floor lamps.

“Lampadulure” Artistic Floor Lamps by BehaghelFoiny Studio

A simple, pink artistic floor lamp with a special texture
© BehaghelFoiny Studio

“Lampadulure” is a part of BehaghelFoiny’s “Tubulure” project which explores an alternative creation of furniture using industrial matter. The process starts with a flexible aluminium tube, which is twisted and coated with different primers to create everyday furniture forms. These objects are full of textures that trigger fantasies by shaking up the gloom of our domestic universe.

“Zinc” Artistic Floor Lamps by Cultivado em Casa

Covered in a yellow zinc plating, these artistic floor lamps are both elegant and simple
© Cultivado em Casa

A common item in steel houses, the 180º curve is the starting point of this artistic floor lamp. Using this element of industrial origin and organic format, Cultivado em Casa seeks to create affable pieces. The goal is to transmit the softness and rawness of the material. With the yellow zinc plating they are emphasizing a very common finish in the industry, but little appreciated outside of it.

“Native Collection” by Hot Wire Extensions

"Object 13" from the "Native" Collection
© Hot Wire Extensions

Inspired by nature and woodland, “Object 13” and “Object 01” from the “Native Collection” is made using Hot Wire Extensions’ innovative manufacturing process using waste nylon powder and silica sand. This allows previously non-recyclable materials to be repurposed into artistic floor lamps.

“Pink Balloon” Artistic Floor Lamps by Sema Topaloğlu Studio

Resembling a pink balloon with purple spots, these artistic floor lamps' tops is handblown from glass
© Sema Topaloğlu Studio

This studio is famous for its original designs of interiors, sculptures, and furniture featuring Sema Topaloglu’s personal vocabulary of geometric patterns and shapes. The practice’s approach to design as a complete work of art is in parts art installation, design interior, and handcrafted environment. This is clearly evident in the “Pink Ballon” floor lamp.

“Boogie Tropical” Lamp by Diego Faivre & Hugo Béhérégaray

An example of artistic floor lamps, featuring a lot of colours and unique shapes
© Ronald Smits

Like a dancing pop star, “Boogie Tropical Lamp” by Diego Faivre and Hugo Béhérégaray lights up the whole space. If one looks at the lamps more closely, there is almost not enough time to list what catches your eye. In the simplest and most basic interpretation, we are dealing with a spectacle: a sensational display that results in curiosity and admiration.

“Siamese” Orange Foam Lamp by Joseph Algieri

© Joseph Algieri

The “Siamese” orange foam lamp starts with a mould in a paper composite. Then, it has expandable foam poured over its surface. Multiple pours create a puddling effect at the bottom of the piece. A series of incandescent bulbs protrude from its sides and it is topped with two large LED bulbs.

“Under Construction” Floor Lamp by Eurico Humano

Under Construction
© Eurico Humano

“Under Construction” by Eurico Humano is a sculptural light object made with a rope and a handmade deformed brick. Here, the idea is to explore the nature of relationships and the interdependence of two vastly different personas. The struggle is to fuse together and form a complete piece.

“Toucan” Floor Lamp by Pettersen & Hein

"Toucan" lamp
© Pettersen & Hein

As seen at our “Now Nordic” exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum, this artistic floor lamp explores the potential of materials. It transforms cold, prosaic and seemingly static materials, such as concrete and metal, into soft, tactually inviting objects. By refining the somewhat boring, industrial materials into vibrant elements, the lamp becomes poetic and sensuous.

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