Twig – Recycled Birch Plywood Chair

by Yuxuan Huang Studio United States (US)

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Entirely composed of Baltic Birch Plywood, the Twig chair intends to reveal the inconspicuous beauty inside this material and its mundanity. With CNC milling down laminated plywood, the contour lines of birch veneers gradually shape a pattern resembling the growth rings of trees. Inspired by waterfalls and human figures, Twig Chair’s minimalist sculptural form is a metaphor for humanity: through its form and materiality, Twig Chair wishes to draw a contemplative dialogue between humans, nature, and industrialization.
Twig Chair could be produced from recycled and wasted commercial-used plywood to create a sustainable, economical, and aesthetic future product.

The chair is ergonomically designed and it’s comfortable

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Yuxuan Huang is a furniture designer currently based in Rhode Island and New York. She blends mass-producible manufacturing methods with improvisational handcraft. Interested in deconstructed materials from found objects, her designs apply a reimagined method of play to simplistic forms, allowing functionality to harmoniously coexist with artistry, memory, and forgotten stories. Yuxuan’s sincere wish is to write a poem of life that obeys the rules of industrialization, functionality, and materiality, while still expressing care for humanity and imagination Growing up in Chengdu, a mountainous nature-rich city in southwest China, she has turned to seeking subtlety and serendipity from the life and afterlife of objects. Her passion in conceptual and experimental arts lead her to an interdisciplinary fine arts education at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her BFA degree with an emphasis in Designed Objects and Photography. Her interests in conceptual design, installation arts and sensitivity to space and time led her to pursue furniture as the medium to explore the meanings behind form, materiality, and functionality. She will receive her MFA degree in furniture design in Rhode Island School of Design in 2024. Yuxuan’s work is well-recognized and has been showcased in international shows, including SaloneSatellite Milan, Alcova Miami, ICFF/Wanted Design Manhattan, and Design X RI.
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