Totem Floor Lamp

by Gábor Góbi Hungary

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This distinctive floor lamp emanates from an artfully repurposed aged wood column, complemented by residual stone elements. As a sculptural artifice, its wood has been masterfully charred using the Yakisugi technique, while the stone gracing its apex and base has been meticulously carved. Its refined finish, achieved exclusively with natural oils and beeswax, highlights the raw authenticity of the materials.

Proudly, this lamp is an emblematic piece of the ‘Raw Collection’. Driven by the pressing narrative of current raw material scarcities, this collection underscores the unsustainability inherent in conventional production methods. Predominantly, our reliance on freshly extracted materials and direct withdrawals from nature not only inflicts harm upon the environment but also precipitates the swift diminution of Earth’s invaluable resources. Thus, the imperative becomes clear: we must ardently advocate for the repurposing of materials at hand and diminish our dependency on pristine resources.

Embarking on such a course can yield profound benefits—diminishing our carbon footprint, conserving energy, and safeguarding the planet’s invaluable resources for posterity. Items sculpted for the Raw Collection predominantly hail from repurposed materials, undergoing minimalistic yet impactful alterations. Such an ethos not only minimizes waste and energy but culminates in singular creations, each resonating with tales of rebirth and innovation. Envision each piece as a jigsaw, its constituents handpicked and harmoniously assembled.

The Raw Collection, beyond being an ode to sustainable design, serves as a beacon for innovative brilliance. Channeling repurposed materials pushes designers into uncharted terrains, compelling them to redefine conventions and birth both beautiful and purposeful creations.

In summation, the Raw Collection stands as a poignant narrative, beckoning a revision in design and manufacturing ideals.

The bulb socket is E27.
The plug type is Euro-plug or you can choose US-plug too.
The included light bulb is 240V, E27 standard LED bulb.
On/Off switch is on wire.

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For Gabor, creation is a journey of discovery. He is dedicated to designing in harmony with the environment, always allowing the present moment and inherent potential of an object to guide him. This philosophy is echoed in, where the mission is to seamlessly blend eco-consciousness with a passion for design. Gabor envisions a world where everyone equally benefits from a pristine environment, fostering sustainable lifestyles. He perceives this mission as both a privilege and a profound responsibility — the very catalyst for meaningful change. Items crafted under participate in nature's eternal cycle. Drawing inspiration from upcycling, hygge, wabi-sabi, slow living, degrowth, and related movements, these creations persist, constantly reshaped by both gentle and formidable forces. Gabor leans heavily on natural materials, often employing traditional methods like Yakisugi, the Japanese art of preserving wood by charring. His range spans furniture to accessories and sculptures, but all pieces share a singular origin: they are reclaimed from waste.
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