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Terra Incognita – Set of 3 Ceramic Perfume Holders

by Domestic Totems I Giulia Cosenza Netherlands

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Sold as an art set of three items, Terra Incognita is a limited edition series of wheel-thrown ceramic perfume holders by Giulia Cosenza. Inspired by an emotion or state of mind, each piece is the crystallisation into shape of a feeling. Perfume bottles as we know them are mostly made of glass, allowing us to see the content. Using ceramics is a design choice which hints at the difficulty to clearly see and access emotions. Each perfume bottle embodies and sculpts in shape three main emotions: regret, closeness, compassion. All pieces are entirely handmade with reclaimed locally sourced clay, glazed with gloss finish, fired at stoneware temperature.

COMPASSION The more we are compassionate to others the more we allow compassion and kindness towards ourselves: a feeling that spreads like a ripple effect on water. The bottle embodies this dynamic flowing emotion.
CLOSENESS Round, enveloping and welcoming as an embrace. Closeness is shaped into a spherical bottle that we want to hold and cherish.
REGRET Because not all feelings are positive ones…An edgy tall shape with sharper corners, like difficult things that make us grow and evolve.

Artist note: “Terra Incognita is a collection of relational, emotional and metaphorical objects, a sculptural manifestation of three feelings: regret, closeness and compassion. Tangible metaphors of an idea, a minuscule monument to emotions that we all feel but are not always able to access, accept and process. The vessels are empty containers for you to fill with your own associations and memories”.

Please note that this is a handmade item and small imperfections are part of the process and its beauty. Every piece is unique and could be slightly different from the picture. Differences in dimensions/imperfections derived from the handmade nature of the items will not constitute ground for the client to refuse or return the purchase. All items are intended as artworks or decorative items, suitable for decorative use only.

Each art set includes three sculptural holders, one per shape/emotion. Each holder features a cap with custom made glass stick applier. A small cork strip ensures closing but not hermetic seal.

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Giulia Cosenza is a designer and ceramicist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Alongside her work as designer, since 2015 she has been dedicating herself to a more tactile, gestural and unstable kind of practice, the art of ceramics. Her ceramic work ranges from wheel thrown pottery to hand built pieces and draws inspiration from the familiar, the functional and the domestic, while challenging it all with hybrid pieces which can be situated between functional and symbolic, the material and the metaphorical. ​​ "There must be no art detached from life, beautiful things to look at and ugly things to use.” Bruno Munari Giulia see ceramics as ritual tools and art as part of everyday life. In her practice she investigates the tension between functional and sculptural, turning clay into abstract shapes and symbols, yet with a strong material presence.
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