T-03 – Brutalist Wooden Side Table

by Orlando Pippig United States (US)

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The “T-03” side table, designed by Orlando Pippig, is an architectural marvel inspired by the structural elements of large-scale concrete buildings and the precise grid systems commonly seen in architectural plans. This piece embodies the essence of symmetry, meticulously constructed with four identical “pillars” and eight “joists.” The design positions these pillars equidistant from each other, mirroring their own dimensions, creating a harmonious and balanced structure.

In well-lit environments, the T-03’s negative space is strikingly evident, but as the light fades, this space blends into the background, transforming the table into a seemingly solid, monolithic form. The table’s material, solid Ash, undergoes a unique coloring process. Instead of using traditional wood stains, the Ash is repeatedly torched to achieve a deep, dynamic hue. This process not only imparts an intense brown color that verges on black but also enhances the wood’s texture by removing the softer grains.

The richness and depth of color achieved through this method are unparalleled, revealing subtle undertones in direct sunlight that cannot be replicated with dyes. The textured surface resulting from the torching adds a tactile dimension to the table, inviting a closer, more intimate interaction.

Completing the T-03 is a thick glass top, chosen to showcase the intricate joinery beneath it. This transparent element allows for a full appreciation of the table’s structural design, highlighting the craftsmanship and thought that went into its creation. The T-03 side table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a testament to the interplay of art, architecture, and innovative material treatment.

L: 9″
W: 9″
H: 22″

Dimensions LxWxH
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Orlando is a self taught designer and fabricator currently living and working in New York City. His designs are rooted in visual simplicity that’s driven by form, with a strong focus on highlighting specific materials. Drawing inspiration from many sources; nature, sculpture, industrial environments, architecture, he finds ways to mesh these separate sources into singular expressions. His work is influenced by systematic iteration, working individual concepts into multiple designs to create a linear progression. The design process favors an engineering approach, the goal of fully understanding connection methods and how to best implement. These thinking patterns result in furniture that holds superior strength and a genuine form.
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