Stone Mirror No. 4

by Sjang Niederwieser Netherlands

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Sjang Niederwieser’s “Stone Collection” stands as a remarkable testament to the intertwining of nature, memory, and technology. As children, Niederwieser and his brother would indulge in the simple pleasure of collecting stones during their hikes in the mountains of their grandparents’ hometown in Austria. This shared pastime became a cherished competition: Who could discover the most intriguing or the grandest stone to preserve as a keepsake?

However, as the years passed, Niederwieser began to grapple with an ethical quandary. Is it truly justifiable to remove these natural tokens from their rightful environment? This sentiment propelled him toward innovation. Rather than collecting these stones physically, he employed advanced technologies to digitally immortalize them.

Harnessing the power of 3D scanning, Niederwieser meticulously crafts these stones into functional art pieces. By imbuing them with a distinct purpose, he bestows upon them a tangible value that transcends the mere sentimentality they once held for him. Remarkably, these sculptures are 3D-printed from sand, a medium Niederwieser perceives as nature’s own residue from its endless sculptural processes. He masterfully returns it to a form that mimics its possible natural origins. Every stone is cataloged in a digital database and materialized in a limited edition collection.

These creations, in their elegance and precision, emanate an almost otherworldly aura, serving as tangible conduits to another place and time.

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Sjang Niederwieser, born in 1988, is a distinguished designer and artisan deeply passionate about the nexus of materials and techniques. His creations reflect a harmonious blend of design, art, traditional craftsmanship, and contemporary technology. While he revels in the tactile joy of handcrafting, Niederwieser also recognizes the precision and efficiency machines bring. By seamlessly merging manual artistry with mechanical prowess, and selecting only the finest materials, he crafts singular pieces that epitomize both functionality and aesthetic allure.
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