Retta Ceramic Vase
by Kelsey Floyd United States (US)

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Hand-thrown curvy ceramic and pine needle vase with a black speckled texture on a stone finish. This piece has gone through the creative process of being hand-thrown, hand-sculpted, trimmed, fired in a kiln, glazed, fired in a kiln once more, and the pine needle is woven by hand. The chains are crafted by hand and sealed for added protection. Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, each piece is unique and there may be small imperfections.

– Handmade, wheel thrown on the Gulf Coast of Florida

This vase does not hold water.

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Starting pottery in early 2020, pottery was a way to connect with the peace and harmony within. Self-taught, Kelsey curated a studio space in her home and got lost, or more so found, in the endless self-discovery of this art. She believes art and creation are intrinsically woven in the deepest and oldest parts of our humanity and can be tapped into when we come across the right muses to envision it and mediums to release it. That is the ethos of her art; parts of the mind that can’t be formed into words, but can be sculpted through her hands and shared with those it tethers a connection to. Into things we can hold, adorn, and decorate life with. Inspired by the natural and ancient elements of our world, her vessels incorporate free flowing curves and shapes while also combining that with the precision and restrictions of chains. Displaying a juxtaposition of unique and refreshing contrasted with the feeling of being unearthed and lost in time; her vessels are intended to connect with a sense of familiarity to who we are. All of her vessels are hand-thrown, the chains and chainmail are hand-sculpted, and the pine needle is woven by hand. While creating, she works with the clay to bring out the organic curves and bends of each piece. She then adorns each piece with chains, chainmail, and/or pine needle. While chains and chainmail usually have a restricting nature, it creates interactive mobility with her pieces. The surface expressions, colors, and textures come together to create a valiantly organic and uniquely spirited form.
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