Quicksand I Silver Ring

by Maïté Jewelry Luxembourg

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The “Quicksand I” is an evocative piece from the Flux Collection, embodying the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of change. This collection, unveiled in 2021, explores the theme of transformation and the transient moments that shape our lives, much like the shifting sands of time.

Intricately designed, the “Quicksand I” captures the essence of life’s fluidity. It symbolizes how situations and emotions can shift and evolve, sometimes swiftly and without warning, akin to the nature of quicksand. This piece serves as a metaphor for the adaptability and resilience required to navigate through life’s ever-changing landscape.

Crafted with a blend of artistry and precision, the “Quicksand I” is more than just an artistic creation; it’s a reflection of life’s impermanence and the beauty found in embracing change. It represents the journey of finding stability amidst the shifting grounds of existence.

Stamped silver 935 AG
The ring is shaped all over the body
Polished finish
Ring size EU 52 and US 6
There might be minor differences in the appearance of each piece

Dimensions LxWxH
Weight (kg)


Production Year




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Maïté Jewelry represents a harmonious fusion of traditional goldsmithing and a deep exploration of identity, weaving together personal experiences and cultural narratives. The brand, established by Maïté, reflects her unique life journey, having been born in Colombia, adopted, and raised in Luxembourg. This diverse background infuses the brand with a rich understanding of individuality and cultural interconnectedness. Each piece of jewelry from Maïté is a meticulously crafted representation of uniqueness, elegance, and artistic expression. The creative process is initiated with a compelling narrative or thematic inspiration, which infuses life and meaning into the designs. These pieces transform into more than just accessories; they become powerful expressions of identity and personal armors for the wearers. The collection ranges from exclusive, one-of-a-kind art pieces to limited edition designs, ensuring a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity in every item. Maïté Jewelry is more than a brand; it's an invitation to a realm where jewelry pieces narrate their own stories, resonating with timeless elegance and profound significance. The deliberate choice to forgo the inclusion of a family name in the brand highlights its focus on personal discovery and the journey of self-realization. This decision is emblematic of the founder's commitment to celebrating the individual stories and journeys that inspire her creations, making Maïté Jewelry a distinct and poignant tribute to the art of jewelry making and the beauty of diverse identities.
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