HĒRD 03 Vase
by Andrei Clontea STUDIO Luxembourg

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HĒRD is a ceramic vase collection that draws inspiration from wild animals, infusing mythical stylization into their simplest forms. These vases connect with nature and the earth through their organic, almost erotic shapes, while the play of light and shadow on their textured surfaces enhances their mystique.

HĒRD finds its muse in mythical creatures and the untamed beauty of the natural world. These creatures, steeped in folklore and legend, represent the enigmatic wild and the unexplored. HĒRD distills their essence into minimalist forms, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the familiar.

Each HĒRD vase boasts organic and sensuous shapes. Their contours evoke the graceful movements of mythical beings, with flowing lines that exude fluidity and life. These seductive forms, combined with the earthy ceramic material, invite tactile exploration, creating an intimate connection between observer and object.

HĒRD exemplifies the profound bond between humanity and the natural world. Crafted from raw, unrefined ceramic, the vases mimic the rugged textures of the wilderness. Each vase becomes a symbol of this connection, as if the spirit of the wild is molded from the earth itself.

HĒRD’s vases feature textured surfaces that replicate the rough, organic feel of the earth. Running your fingers across them, you can almost sense the earth’s heartbeat beneath, reaffirming our intrinsic link to nature.

The vases’ surfaces interact harmoniously with light and shadow. When illuminated, subtle variations in texture and shape create mesmerizing patterns, like sunlight filtering through a dense forest canopy. This interplay adds depth and dimension, intensifying their mystical allure.

Please note that this vase is not suitable for holding water.

Please note that this vase is not suitable for holding water.

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About Andrei Clontea STUDIO Visit Showroom →

Andrei Clontea is a self taught artist who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of architecture to the realm of ceramics. Splitting his time between Luxembourg and Brussels, he has embarked on an artistic journey exploring the infinite possibilities that clay has to offer. His work manifests as sculptural forms that draw inspiration from the elegance of nature, the grace of animals, and the complexity of human body. By translating these influences into organic shapes with earthy textures, he brings a harmonious balance between rawness and refinement. While nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration, his artistic vision transcends its mere replication. His architectural background manifests in his approach as he weaves elements of structure, texture and light into his ceramic pieces. It is through this fusion of natural and architectural sensibilities that his art assumes a distinct character - a dialogue between seemingly contrasting elements. Through his sculptural forms he invites viewers to embark on a sensory journey where they can explore the intricate relationship between human, nature, and architecture.
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