“Prélèvement” N.2A

by Gaspard Graulich

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“Prélèvement” is a series of pieces questioning our human ability to perceive functions into shapes.

Submitted to melt, pressure and erosion, rocks are shaped without will. Into these unintentional shapes we nevertheless project meanings. This phenomenon called pareidolia leads to sometimes detect faces but also primary functions such as these stones on which we intuitively sit, put a thermos or a phone on.

Through this project the designer wanted to confront the intuitive use of shapes to the reasoned functions of humanised places. For this series the designer went roaming into the Fontainebleau forest, famous for its sandstones formations, looking for mineral shapes that can be perceived as functional in order to extract them and give them the status of objects.

Moulded in nature then manufactured in the designer’s workshop, the pieces are made out of a special concrete created with quartz sand from the Fontainebleau forest, with brushed waxed brass stands.

The result is a series of sculptural objects, like ghost stones on a pedestal, that let their owner free to decide of their use.



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Gaspard Graulich sees himself as a designer-explorer. Born in Reunion Island in 1983, he studied industrial design in Paris, a conceptual approach of design in Reims, and had a specialisation in sustainable design in Besançon. But it’s more his roamings through the African, Australian and north American deserts that shaped him, along with the profound connection to nature and landscape he cultivated during his childhood in a tropical volcanic island. From a quest for understanding that drove him from the age of 2 to dissemble everything he could lay his hands on, he has become a designer obsessed by object, its meanings, its functions, its purposes, its interactions. He has been leading for years an exploration about interactions between human and matter, in which lays the origin of object according to him, where ethnology and philosophy merge with technics, history and prehistory, … This both functional and conceptual approach take shape in various ways : writings, photographs, made-to-order pieces, experimental research, creations for editors, or small series pieces that he implements in his troglodyte workshop.
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